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Weekly Meal Kit | August 2

We’re back at it with more local goodness! Not only are we sourcing all of our vegetables (helloooo kale, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers,  beans, purple carrots mushrooms and more) from local farms, but the baguette for your Banh Mi is from Clasen’s European Bakery and the flour for your tart dough (and shortbread) is from Meadowlark Organics! Local any way you look at it.

Weekly Meal Kit | July 26

Good news for the grilling fans out there: not only is your Cook Kit grill-friendly, but so is your Extra Goodness! Get ready for Vanilla Cake with Strawberry Compote, made even tastier if you give the cake a quick hit of heat on the hot grates first, too. Don’t worry, it’ll be just as delicious if you follow the indoor cooking instructions instead. Enjoy your week, friends!

Weekly Meal Kit | July 19

We’re featuring another recipe from Farmer Lauren at Raleigh’s Hillside Farm this week! Enjoy both her grandmother’s recipe for Zucchini Pie — it’s been a favorite in her family for decades — and the fresh vegetables (think: allll of the zucchini, scallions, and herbs galore) from Lauren’s farm that went into making it. It doesn’t get much more local than that, eh, friends?  

Weekly Meal Kit | July 12

Who is ready for some light and fresh summer flavors?! Three favorites — grilled chicken sandwiches, a basmati rice bowl, and beef and broccoli — filled with all of the local veg and flavors of summer. Don’t worry, we’re here to help make dinner a cinch on those nights when you’re out a little too late enjoying some summer fun.

Weekly Meal Kit | July 5

So much summer goodness on the menu this week! Brats, because nothing says summer in Wisconsin more (zucchini melts for you Veggie friends, because same!). And so much local veg this week from Winterfell Acres and Raleigh’s Hillside Farm. Enjoy the sunshine between the raindrops, those brats would be perfect for dining al fresco. Enjoy!

Weekly Meal Kit | June 28

Get excited for a great menu! A soba noodle salad recipe from Farmer Lauren at Raleigh’s Hillside Farm that features all of her farm-fresh produce. A new twist on one of your favorites: sloppy joe sandwiches. And more of those delicious galettes from our P&P Makeshop partners at Tart Baked Goods. Plus, there are cupcakes to celebrate our Birthday Month! Yay!  

Weekly Meal Kit | June 21

And a happy day it is because pizza is back on the menu! Featuring the season’s first zucchini paired with confit garlic scape ricotta, this pie is sure to be a new fave. We’re also excited for you to try the pickled grapes; they’re the perfect foil for the richness and creaminess of the celery soup. To top it off, who doesn’t love a spicy Jambalaya on a hot day, right friends? Enjoy!

Weekly Meal Kit | June 14

This warm weather just calls for grilling, don’t you think? Lucky for you, burgers (and a classic potato salad), are on the menu this week. Add in a quinoa salad, that’s both crunchy and creamy, an umami-laden Taiwanese favorite in the Three Cup Chicken, and Triple Chocolate Cookie Dough for a sweet treat and the week is looking up! Isn’t Summer grand, friends?

Weekly Meal Kit | June 7

With the end of the school year upon us, we thought some easy favorites might be in order this week! Flavorful house-made pesto tossed with RP’s pasta with loads of local veg. Hearty lentil soup topped with a cooling yogurt sauce and crispy, crunchy kale chips. And everyone’s favorite: smothered burritos! Add-in a weekday breakfast treat and we’re good to go!

Weekly Meal Kit | June 1

It’s an asparagus bonanza! With such a fleeting season, we just can’t help putting this vegetable — one of our faves — into everything while we can. It’s not in *every* meal (we do have some self control), but look for asparagus’ distinctive earthy and complexly sweet, green goodness in both your lemon risotto and paneer masala! We hope you’re as excited as we are.