Monthly Archives: August 2021

Weekly Meal Kit | August 30

We’re bringing all of the summer veggie goodness this week, friends. It’s tomatoes and peppers and beans and potatoes and zucchini and more! Here’s to hoping this menu hits all your taste buds in the best late-summer way. And that it makes your back-to-school week a little bit sweeter with the Mexican Vanilla Conchas from our friends at Milpa!

Weekly Meal Kit | August 23

Raise your hand if you’re excited about the watermelons from Raleigh’s Hillside Farm this week! Yup, us too. It seems like the perfect summery treat and we’re here for it. Add in some summer sweet corn chowder and alllll of the roasted vegetables in the feta bake, and the chard and tomatoes in the curry and we’re just living our best (summer) lives. Eat up, friends! We sure will.

Weekly Meal Kit | August 16

We’re packing summer produce into every bite this week, friends. Peppers, kohlrabi, radish, fennel, sweet corn, greens, herbs, tomatoes… the list goes on and on. Dig in and enjoy your family friendly faves — BBQ sammies, stuffed peppers, and risotto — chock-full of all this farm-fresh goodness. Such a great time to live in Wisconsin!

Weekly Meal Kit | August 9

One of our biggest hits from last Summer, the Elote Kit, is back. The sweetest corn with a creamy, slightly spicy, aoili and cheese topping paired with a farm-fresh chopped salad = a match made in foodie heaven. Add in grilled cheese with tomato soup (from the reddest, ripest tomatoes) and a roasted vegetable, pesto lasagna? Dinners for the week are looking good, friends.

Weekly Meal Kit | August 2

We’re back at it with more local goodness! Not only are we sourcing all of our vegetables (helloooo kale, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers,  beans, purple carrots mushrooms and more) from local farms, but the baguette for your Banh Mi is from Clasen’s European Bakery and the flour for your tart dough (and shortbread) is from Meadowlark Organics! Local any way you look at it.