Monthly Archives: September 2020

Weekly Meal Kit | September 28

Who doesn’t love eating with their hands? We sure do. And the lettuce wraps this week are perfect to fold up and munch. If you were bold, you could try to eat the burritos by hand. But they’re so stuffed full of green chile goodness this week that we actually recommend a fork and knife. We’re also partial to the beginning of soup weather. If you’re like us, then the split pea and cranberry bean soup will warm your soul.

Weekly Meal Kit | September 21

With the change in weather, we’re reaching for comfort. And our recipes this week are all tried and true favorites. Earthy root vegetable farro salad. Chunky tomato chowder with crunchy croutons. And P&P’s house mac and cheese. They’ve been on our menus for years for a good reason: they all feel like a warm hug when you’re eating them. Sit back, enjoy, and feel the love. Happy eating!