Farm to Freezer & Locavore Pantry

Looking for something quick and easy,
local and delicious? We've got you.

This is not your average frozen meal. We source local, seasonal ingredients and cook up delicious, all-natural meals that you can reheat at home. Whether you’re in search of a last-minute dinner or something to serve at a dinner party, we have what you’re looking for.

Add Madison Sourdough Co bread for Monday pick-up or Delivery! And, check out the locavore pantry for more staples to keep your larder well stocked.

Current availability listed below, either order online or please call us to place an order (608-665-3770).

Soups, Sauces and Stews

  • Cranberry Bean Split Pea Soup

    A delightful soup with autumnal spices and vegetables, cranberry beans, and split peas. Quart. Gluten free. Dairy free.
  • White bean, Spring Greens, & ‘Nduja Soup

    Fresh and nourishing, white beans and greens with spicy pork sausage. Quart. Contains: Soy.
  • Three Bean Chili

    Black beans, kidney beans and black-eyed peas in a savory tomato stew. Quart. Vegetarian. Contains: Milk.
  • Salmon, Tomato, Fennel and Potato Chowder

    Rich tomato broth, creamy yukon gold potatoes and Sitka Salmon. Quart. Gluten free. Contains: Dairy.
  • Black-Eyed Pea and Spicy Sausage Soup

    Hearty black-eyed pea and sausage soup with added vegetables, peppers, and spices. Quart. Dairy free. Wheat free.
  • Pork & Bulgur Wheat Larb

    Vietnamese style pork with bulgur wheat. Serve with salad greens and herbs. Quart. Contains: Wheat, soy.
  • Bulgur Wheat TVP Larb

    Vietnamese style TVP with bulgur wheat. Serve with salad greens and herbs. Quart. Vegetarian. Contains: Wheat, Soy.
  • Bolognese Sauce

    Rich Northern Italian meat sauce with summer tomatoes, carrots, celery and onion. Quart or pint. Contains: Dairy
  • Roasted Red Pepper Fennel Ragu

    Vegetarian ragu to pair with pasta made with fresh fennel and vegetables! Quart. Contains: Milk.

This and That

  • Lentil TVP Sloppy Joe

    P&P's take on a comforting home-made sloppy joe filling vegetarian style! Quart. Contains: Soy.
  • Chorizo Sloppy Joe

    P&P's take on a comforting home-made sloppy joe filling! Quart. Gluten free.
  • Tortilleria Zepeda 12 Pack Corn Tortillas

    $4.00 - 5.50
    Enjoy a 12 pack of Hopi red corn tortillas with corn from Meadowlark Organics farm in Ridgeway, WI or Artisan white corn tortillas with corn from Chitwood's farm in Blue River, WI!
  • Bandit 12 Pack Corn Tortillas

    A pack of 12 corn tortillas from Bandit Tortilleria to take and use at home!
  • Gyro Black Bean Burgers

    Greek/ American style veggie burger. Pack of 2. Contains: Egg, milk.
  • Little Food Co.

    natural frozen baby food from Kaukauna, WI two 4oz. packets in each

Meals for You

  • Vegetable Shepherd’s Pie

    Savory vegetable pie topped with a wonderful mashed potato crust that's perfect for a chilly day. Single serving. Contains: Wheat, dairy.
  • Beef & Lamb Shepherd’s Pie

    Savory pie with beef, lamb, and vegetables that is topped with a wonderful mashed potato crust. Single serving. Contains: Wheat, dairy.
  • Smothered Chicken Burrito with Green Chile Sauce

    Green chile braised chicken with black beans, rice, and fall veggies topped with salsa verde and cheese. 2 burritos. Contains: Milk, wheat.
  • P&P’s House Mac and Cheese with Bacon and Roasted Vegetables

    Loaded mac and cheese with bacon, roasted vegetables, and greens. Meal for two. Contains: Wheat, dairy, pork.
  • Chickpea Coconut Cashew Curry with Basmati Rice

    A warming curry that's perfect for the fall season! Meal for two. Gluten free. Dairy free. Contains: Nuts.
  • Guanciale Fried Rice

    Fried rice with summer vegetables and Guanciale (Italian cured pork). Meal for two. Contains: Soy, egg, wheat.
  • Ratatouille

    A taste of summer - Mediterranean-style summer squash, eggplant, bell pepper and tomato stew over creamy polenta. Meal for two. Vegetarian. Contains: Milk.
  • Pork Vindaloo

    Indian curry pork and potatoes with rice. Meal for two.
  • Chana Masala

    Savory Indian chick pea stew with rice. Meal for two. Vegetarian. Dairy free.
  • Pizza!

    $14.00 - $16.00
    Hand tossed pizza. Classic and seasonal pies. Ready to bake. 14".

Sweets and Baked Goods

  • 6 Pack Butter Croissants

    Light and fluffy house-made butter croissants to take and bake right at home!
  • 6 Pack Cinnamon Rolls

    Delightful house-made cinnamon rolls ready to bake at home!
  • Tart Baked Goods Ice Cream Sammies

    Lush local ice cream on Tart Baked Goods cookies. Flavors: Apple pie with vanilla, Ginger molasses with vanilla, or Marshmallow crunch with chocolate.
  • Tart Ice Cream Sammie 4-Pack

    Lush local ice cream on Tart Baked Goods cookies. Mixed four pack featuring all-time favorites and Fall flavors: Ginger molasses, Marshmallow crunch with chocolate, Chocolate with vanilla, and Apple ginger oat!
  • Fruit Galettes by Tart Baked Goods

    Mixed berry, Peach cherry, or Apple pear with a choice of either basic or pecan crust!
  • Savory Galettes by Tart Baked Goods

    Summer vegetable, summer vegetable with sausage, or roasted beet with goat cheese.
  • Tart Baked Goods Ready-to-Bake Scones

    Delicious seasonal frozen scones to bake at home made by the lovely and local Tart Baked Goods. Current flavors: Apple pie OR Blueberry lemon.
  • Monster Cookie Dough

    Pack of 9. Wheat free. Contains: egg.
  • Peanut Butter Cookie Dough

    Pack of 9. Vegan. Wheat free. Contains: nuts.