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Chicagoan Katrina Markoff, Founder And Chocolatier Of Vosges Haut-Chocolat, sources the finest organic, sustainably grown, and non-GMO ingredients from around the world. Holding her company to a high green standard they’ve taken a Green Purchasing Oath that grades their green initiatives in regards to packaging and ingredient purchases, while also intentionally evaluates sustainability practices of each farmer or vendor. Try one of their rotating flavors today!
Raw Honey Cacao Chocolate Bar, 3 oz:
Raw honey wildflower nectar + 100% cacao
Turmeric Ginger Chocolate Bar, 3oz:  A golden milk of coconut + turmeric + ginger + black pepper + 45% cacao deep milk chocolate | Contains: milk, coconuts
Manchego and Cherry Chocolate Bar, 3 oz: 12-month aged Spanish Manchego + Dried Tart Cherry + 62% cacao dark chocolate | Contains: milk, egg
Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt Caramel Chocolate Bar, 3 oz: Pink Himalayan salt + burnt sugar caramel + 72% cacao dark chocolate | Contains: milk, soy