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Producer Spotlight — Sascha Dhanjal of Saffi Saana

Producer Spotlight — Sascha Dhanjal of Saffi Saana

We are excited to feature Sascha Dhanjal of Saffi Sanna! Saffi Saana is an award-winning woman-owned and operated local purveyor of oils and vinegars. If you've enjoyed any of our house-made vinaigrettes, sauces or meals, you've likely tried the goodness that is Saffi.

Why Saffi Saana? Two words: sustainability and quality. Saffi is focused on providing zero waste packaging options to their customers — partnering with restaurants to collect their used glass bottles, then recycling, sanitizing and refilling them with their premium oils and vinegar. From their partner farms to the packaging they use, Saffi Saana aims to reduce their carbon footprint, waste and any negative impact on our Earth. And, Saffi always seeks out the best for their products. Their oils and vinegars are undiluted and contain no fillers, sweeteners or other additives, using only natural ingredients. And, they're unadulterated, cold-pressed, and raw whenever possible. That's why Saffi Saana's products are used by over 30 Michelin Star and Bib Gourmand chefs. And us!

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