Meal Kit Menus & Kitchen Notes

Weekly Meal Kit | June 17

What’s summer in Wisconsin without a brat or two, eh, friends? Get excited to start the season off right with Enos Farms brats topped with house-made beer mustard and relish piled on Clasen’s buns with a classic potato salad on the side! We’re following it up with easy, family faves, too: Brazilian chicken stroganoff and a creamy, baked pesto pasta with all the delicious veg we can fit in! And, for an extra special treat, look for another Wisco classic: […]

Weekly Meal Kit | June 10

We’re celebrating our 7th birthday, y’all! Look for: couscous chockfull of dried apricots, fresh peas, mint and almonds topped with flavorful lamb meatballs with a creamy yogurt mint sauce to finish it off; an Italian green salad — basically pizza in salad form — loaded down with pepperoncini, red onions, olives, crispy breadcrumbs, mozzarella and more in a tomato vinaigrette; and a vibrant, bright green minestrone! Oh, and did we say birthday cupcakes??

Weekly Meal Kit | June 3

And the first Monday of June — otherwise known as basically Summer — at that! Get excited to usher in the season with: classic burgers with red onion jam, garlic aioli, arugula and roasted carrot salad; a farm-fresh galette from our friends at Tart with asparagus, peas and potatoes with local greens tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette; and then our take on the viral “marry me” chicken with roasted vegetables in a creamy sun-dried tomato sauce and rice! Yum!

Weekly Meal Kit | May 28

And a short and sweet and delicious week it will be! Look for a grill kit with chicken paired with a warm Spring veg salad with sauce verte; our take on British beans on toast, with white beans cooked until creamy with roasted red peppers, feta and greens served on toasted MSCo miche with local Winterfell salad greens and lemon vinaigrette; and our favorite feijoada meal (the most umami-laden and unctuous Brazilian black bean stew over brown rice and kale)! 

Weekly Meal Kit | May 20

Get ready for another great week of meals! Look for: RP’s spinach and ricotta ravioli (in a whole wheat and black pepper dough) with Spring vegetables, lemon mushroom cream sauce and cripsy breadcrumbs; our take on sopa de lima, a bright Yucatecan twist on classic Mexican tortilla soup, full of citrus flavor, paired with pickled red onions and tortilla strips; and everyone’s favorite Thai-inspired veg-packed coconut curry. And, don’t forget the peach cobbler! 

Weekly Meal Kit | May 13

Get excited for a week of fun flavors, y’all! Think: braised beef tamale pie kits with fresh greens and a cilantro lime vinaigrette; lettuce wraps with bulgur wheat and pork larb — full of flavor with shallots, chiles de arbol, thai chiles, soy sauce, lime, lemongrass and ginger — topped with crispy cucumber salad; and a cozy groundnut stew rich with ground peanuts and just chockfull of veg! Add in some rye molasses cookie dough and the week is looking […]

Weekly Meal Kit | May 6

Get excited for a week of fun flavors, y’all: everyone’s favorite pizza kit is on deck, this time with bbq chicken, kale and gooey cheese topped with pickled red onions and a drizzle of herby ranch; add in an old Indian fave, chana masala — chickpeas cooked in a spicy and tangy tomato-based sauce — served with rice and pita for a flavorful quick meal; and then enjoy smothered carnitas burritos with salsa verde! Oh, and did someone mention sweet […]

Weekly Meal Kit | April 29

It looks like it’s shaping up to be glorious Spring week and hopefully our menu makes it easy to enjoy the weather! Get excited for: falafel sandwiches with a chopped cabbage salad in a creamy-tart yogurt sauce, pickled turnips and a chile tahini sauce on ciabatta; takeout-style kung pao chicken with stir-fried peppers and celery, roasted peanuts, and a sweet, sour and savory sauce; and our signature creamy baked mac and cheese loaded with vegetables! 

Weekly Meal Kit | April 22

Get excited for a week of fun flavors! Think: a chimichurri grill kit with pork chops, sweet potatoes and a Mediterranean quinoa salad; a classic tomato basil soup and grilled cheese sammies with toum (a punchy sauce made with garlic, lemon juice, salt and oil); and then a rustic Italian chicken cacciatore over creamy polenta. And, best of all, we have Earth Day Dirt Cups  — thick, creamy dark chocolate pudding with a crumbly cookie topping — coming your way! […]

Weekly Meal Kit | April 15

Get excited for a week of fun flavors, y’all! Think: a Thai-style chicken satay — rich and flavorful with ginger, coconut milk and spices — paired with fragrant coconut rice, crispy and fresh cucumber salad and a mildly spicy peanut sauce; a classic, American-style beef stew, paired with crusty sourdough miche and an herbed sour cream; then a creamy risotto with red beans, kale, sweet peas, fennel and roasted red peppers! And, a sweet little funfetti cookie to cap it […]