Meal Kit Menus & Kitchen Notes

Weekly Meal Kit | January 17

It’s comfort food week, y’all! Creamy, potato leek soup with hearty bread (topped with allll of the winter greens pesto). RP’s fresh pasta with a rich, tomato and braised beef-laden ragù. And roasted veggies with bright and flavorful coriander roasted carrots and wild-caught salmon over brown rice. All things we reach for when it’s cold or gloomy out. Hopefully it’s the same for you and this week’s menu hits the spot!

Weekly Meal Kit | January 10

Who doesn’t want a little warming spice during these bitterly cold days? Our harissa-marinated chicken is sure to help with that. Too much? Luckily there’s a cooling citrusy and herby yogurt sauce to top it off! Next up is a veg-laden bowl of rice noodles, with nuoc cham-, a Vietnamese dipping sauce that’s equal parts sweet, sour, salty, savory and spicy. And rounding out the menu, we have everyone’s (easy) favorite: risotto, chock-full of veg. Get excited!  

Weekly Meal Kit | January 3

To celebrate the new start of the year, we’re thrilled that this coming week’s menu shares food from the Makeshop — one of our biggest achievements of 2021. Get excited for Milpa’s tamales, tortilla chips from La Cosecha and savory galettes from Tart Baked Goods in your meal kits. Such a delicious beginning to the year!

Weekly Meal Kit | December 28

We’re looking to send 2021 out with a bang, friends! And we loaded this week’s menu with deliciousness. Think: raclette kits with oodles of local veg from Winterfell Acres and a seed & grain boule from Madison Sourdough; cozy caldo verde with warm homemade cornbread; our signature mac and cheese (everyone’s favorite); and our laminated cinnamon rolls to top it off. While 2021 has been a doozy, hopefully this helps it end on a sweet note!  

Weekly Meal Kit | December 20

With a busy holiday week in store, we hope these meals make life a bit easier. Enjoy your wild rice salad, chock full of veg  as a lighter break before rich, heavy foods. And the Mole tacos, full of spices and chocolate (but brightened up with tangy beets), are a fun break from more traditional fare, too. We didn’t want to miss celebrating with you, though, so hopefully our strata makes a lazy, holiday morning a bit tastier.  Enjoy, friends! […]

Weekly Meal Kit | December 13

And a tasty Monday at that! Our flavor-packed sloppy joes come on a pillowy bun paired with a creamy avocado-tomatillo salsa and a crispy, tangy slaw to cut the heat. The Thai red curry is chock-full of vegetables and rich with coconut milk, but the roasted peanuts add a perfect crunchy topping. And then there’s our favorite comfort food to top it off — black-eyed pea noodle soup!

Weekly Meal Kit | December 6

We’re excited to ring in a new, delicious, month with y’all, Meal Kit friends! Our Mediterranean nacho kit is back and we can’t WAIT to dig into its crispy, creamy and fresh flavors (napkins at the ready, of course). And we’re debuting two new dishes: a rich, dill-infused bean stew with tart pickled onions to brighten the palate as well as a new squash lasagna. Oh, happy day! 

Weekly Meal Kit | November 29

We’re pretty excited about this week’s menu, friends. Filled with bright, fresh flavors, Milpa’s posole is perfect for post-Thanksgiving clean eating. And that lemon dill vinaigrette? So citrusy and herby and light, we could eat it on everything (and nothing). Don’t think we’ve forgotten about the peanut curry, though. That’s been a P&P favorite since practically day one!

Weekly Meal Kit | November 22

And the Monday of a holiday week at that! In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we want to extend a sincere thanks to you for allowing us into your kitchens every week. We’re grateful for your support and hope our cooking shows the love! Enjoy your savory stuffed squashes, cheesy potato soup, and rich Tuscan stew over creamy polenta this week. We hope it’s a good one! 

Weekly Meal Kit | November 15

While we’re all about new flavors and variety at P&P, sometimes you just want your comforting, tried-and-true food favorites, right, friends? So, we’re throwing back this week with dan dan noodles, farro soup and shepherd’s pie — dishes that bring a smile to our faces every time we eat them. So we hope they do the same for you! Dig in and cozy up. It’s comfort season!