Meal Kit Menus & Kitchen Notes

Weekly Meal Kit | October 18

When we sit down to menu plan, we think about how we want people to feel when they eat our food. We want our food to be comforting, cozy and like we’re all cooking together: sharing food, laughs, and good times. So, when you tuck into those decadent baked potatoes, that hearty tomato chowder, or the buttery galettes, think of us! And know we’re smiling with you.  

Weekly Meal Kit | October 11

Rainy weather calls for cozying up indoors. And our menu this week should be perfect for just that. Comforting roasted root veg and lentil loaf. Warming curry noodle soup. And one of our favorite soul-satifsying foods: smothered burritos. Stay dry, stay cozy, and dig in!

Weekly Meal Kit | October 4

As temperatures cool and the leaves start to fall, our cooking starts to change and we find ourselves reaching for warming, comforting spices. Think: cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, paprika, cardamom, star anise, cumin, and coriander — all of these spices are featured this week’s meals. So revel in the menu’s coziness, friends, and inhale the scents of Fall!  

Weekly Meal Kit | September 27

We’re feeling Fall this week, y’all. And loving all the cool, crisp mornings and nights. They’re perfect for dinners full of creamy wild rice soup, comforting cheese and tomato laden sub sammies, and rich, stewed lentils with warming spices. Hopefully our menu this week is like a cozy hug from us to you. Dig in and lean into the change of seasons!

Weekly Meal Kit | September 20

And the week is looking up! Spicy buffalo sauce laden lettuce wraps with a cooling house-made ranch and crispy crunchy slaw filled with local veg. Warming lentil soup for Fall’s first cold snap topped with addicitive kale chips. And rich, savory bean stew over brown rice. Tried and true recipes, all, friends! Hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Yum!  

Weekly Meal Kit | September 13

It’s a week full of some of our top hits, friends. P&P’s pizza kit with our house-made dough…. check! Enchilada bake featuring locally made, small batch tortillas… check! Summer veggie laden minestrone….. check! And, what’s that you say? Chocolate zucchini cake with chocolate ganache drizzled all over the top? Oh, double check on that one. Bring on the local goodness!

Weekly Meal Kit | September 7

Short weeks can be a bit hectic, friends. So we hope this menu makes your post-holiday shuffle a bit more manageable! Featuring an easy, weeknight pasta with our fan-favorite pesto, a summery salad with creamy peanut sauce, and the savory goodness that is our house gumbo… it’s a good one, we think. And, with cooling and vibrant key lime pie to finish? Heaven!  

Weekly Meal Kit | August 30

We’re bringing all of the summer veggie goodness this week, friends. It’s tomatoes and peppers and beans and potatoes and zucchini and more! Here’s to hoping this menu hits all your taste buds in the best late-summer way. And that it makes your back-to-school week a little bit sweeter with the Mexican Vanilla Conchas from our friends at Milpa!

Weekly Meal Kit | August 23

Raise your hand if you’re excited about the watermelons from Raleigh’s Hillside Farm this week! Yup, us too. It seems like the perfect summery treat and we’re here for it. Add in some summer sweet corn chowder and alllll of the roasted vegetables in the feta bake, and the chard and tomatoes in the curry and we’re just living our best (summer) lives. Eat up, friends! We sure will.

Weekly Meal Kit | August 16

We’re packing summer produce into every bite this week, friends. Peppers, kohlrabi, radish, fennel, sweet corn, greens, herbs, tomatoes… the list goes on and on. Dig in and enjoy your family friendly faves — BBQ sammies, stuffed peppers, and risotto — chock-full of all this farm-fresh goodness. Such a great time to live in Wisconsin!