Meal Kit Menus & Kitchen Notes

Weekly Meal Kit | January 2

Get excited for the delicious line-up of meals we have for you this week! Look for: everyone’s favorite pizza kit to start off the year right, this time with a goat cheese white sauce, Italian sausage, kale and hot honey; Tart’s buttery French onion galettes with a side salad and a bright citrusy vinaigrette; followed up with a comforting chicken noodle soup! Add in some chocolate crinkle cookie dough and the New Year is looking good, friends.

Weekly Meal Kit | December 18

Look for some festive meals today, friends: our annual fondue kit from Landmark Creamery with roasted Winterfell Acres veggies and MSCo seed & grain boules for dunking; a warm wild rice salad with pickled apples, butternut squash and bacony white beans that’s perfect for dinner or as a fancy, filling side at any holiday gathering; and a traditional strata with Italian sausage, kale, red peppers and Hook’s cheddar for a cozy, lazy morning at home!

Weekly Meal Kit | December 4

We’ve got a great menu lined up for the first meal kit of December, folks! Look for: a luxurious, hearty and creamy chickpea pasta sauce tossed with fresh spinach and toothy gemelli from Sal’s; a classic broccoli and cheddar soup with white beans and some crunchy Potter’s oyster crackers (and mooooore grated cheddar) to top it; and then everyone’s perennial fave, South African Peanut Curry! And, hot cocoa mix to top it off? The week’s looking up!

Weekly Meal Kit | November 27

Dinner is looking good with okonomiyaki, a Japanese shredded cabbage and vegetable pancake that is crisp on the outside and custardy on the inside and topped with two sauces (aioli and hoisin) and crispy bacon. Followed up with a roasted squash and fontina galette from Tart enveloped in their signature flaky and buttery pastry crust with greens and a lemon herb vinaigrette. And, last but not least, a classic and hearty ham & white bean stew!

Weekly Meal Kit | November 20

And the menu is looking good! Look for: a salmon teriyaki rice bowl with roasted broccoli; a classic winter stew — thick with potatoes, carrots and parsnips and tender beef — but with an Austrian twist of smoky paprika; and then a homey, classic and comforting fave… baked mac and cheese (with some spinach and roasted sweet potatoes thrown in). Cozy, comforting flavors, but all a world away from classic Thanksgiving fare! Enjoy, friends.  

Weekly Meal Kit | November 13

Get excited for a great line-up of meals! First up is an easy sheet pan dinner of roasted chicken and vegetables, this time livened up with a gochujang marinade, adding a salty, spicy and umami-rich layer of flavor. Then, there’s our classic shakshuka, eggs baked in a tomato-red pepper sauce, enriched with goat cheese. Last, there’s one of our favorite cold weather soups, hearty sausage with nutty farro, caramelized onions and silky-soft cabbage! Enjoy!

Weekly Meal Kit | November 6

We’re excited for our meal kit today, y’all! Our loaded baked potatoes are back, this time topped with FOUR bean chili, cheese, a creamy scallion sour cream and pickled onions and jalapeños! Always a fave! Then there’s our kale caesar salad with roasted chicken and roasted veggies ready to eat and toss together in a flash. Last, look forward to our classic spicy jambalaya that’s sure to heat you up from the inside out in these cooler temps!

Weekly Meal Kit | October 30

And we’ve got meals perfect for a busy and cool week ahead! Not ready for these suddenly frigid temps? Then turn on your oven for a quick and easy, sheet pan dinner of roasted veggies and meatloaf with a tomato glaze. Busy handing out candy on Halloween and no time to cook? Just pop everyone’s favorite lemony red lentil soup in a saucepan on the stove! Or, imagine being in a different climate entirely with our Nigerian-inspired fried rice!

Weekly Meal Kit | October 23

We have some seriously cozy fare lined up for you, friends! Look for: pan-seared pork chops atop a warming orange root veg mash (jazzed up with lentils) and shallots braised in a red wine sauce; a satisfying and deeply savory veg and white bean-packed potato stew in an aromatic, spicy gochujang broth rich with soy sauce and honey; and everyone’s favorite Thai-inspired shrimp and veg-packed coconut curry! And a pumpkin treat?! Oh Fall, we love you.