Meal Kit Menus & Kitchen Notes

Weekly Meal Kit | November 14

We’re trying out a new kind of lasagna this week, friends: a creamy, veg-laden rollup version! We always appreciate your thoughtful and considered feedback, as you know, but we *especially* appreciate it when we’re trying something new. So, please enjoy your cute little lasagna bundles, and let us know what you think! They pair beautifully with two of our older faves, the Austrian stew and jambalaya, too, for a rounded and tasty week! Happy Eating! 

Weekly Meal Kit | November 7

It’s a big week ahead with the Midterm elecitions looming! And what better in a period of uncertainty than comfort food? Our line-up this week is chock-full of coziness to help you out. Think: orzo al limone with meatballs and roasted vegetables, tortilla soup with cilantro lime crema and a gorgeous garam masala squash and black-eyed pea coconut curry. Eat up all that cozy, local goodness and don’t forget to VOTE!

Weekly Meal Kit | October 31

And Happy Halloween to one and all! Hopefully our veg-laden and locally sourced meals help balance all of that deliciuos candy that’s sure to come your way this week, y’all. Look for: salsa macha tacos on local La Coescha tortillas, mapo tofu over sesame scallion brown rice, and shepherd’s pies! Although, shhhh, we couldn’t help adding to the sweet treats with our pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. ‘Tis the season, after all! :o) 

Weekly Meal Kit | October 24

Ready for another tasty week, friends? We baked off a few test pizzas and boy… were they good! The herbed ricotta and caramelized onions pair perfectly with delicata squash. And we can’t wait for our fave chili and cornbread, as well as the Filipino-inspired adobo. With a menu that good, and some white chocolate blondies thrown in, we’ll be ready for whatever the week may bring!


Here’s to hoping the week ahead will be GREAT! As always, it’s our goal that our meals will help make that happen. If even a little. 🙂 So enjoy chicken or chickpea cauliflower shawarma with crunchy Israeli salad and creamy toum, local RP’s rigatoni with our our fan favorite bolognese sauce or veg-laden and flavor-heavy roasted red pepper fennel ragù, and a Thelma Sanders and honeynut squash risotto! And know that we’re rooting for you! Now, doesn’t that sound good?


Our menu this week is looking mighty fine! Get excited for Italian ciabatta sammies with house-made giardineira and creamy slaw, lemony lentil soup with pita and charred scallion yogurt, and dan dan noodles with bok choy and pickled mustard greens! It’s hard to pick favorite meals around here, but two of the three are DEFINITELY in our top five of all time. Can you guess which ones?? 🙂

Weekly Meal Kit | October 3

We’re here with a delicious line up of meals to make your week easy and stress-free. Think: the tastiest, fresh ramen noodles with alllll the stir-fried veg; a nutty, rich and creamy Circassian salad with fall greens; and everyone’s fave, smothered burritos with green chile sauce! A great mix of flavors and textures next week, y’all. Add in a little chocolate chia pudding and what more could you ask for?

Weekly Meal Kit | September 26

Early Fall is the perfect marriage of cool, sunny weather and the last of our favorite summer produce, don’t you think? Look for delicious local greens in both the Vietnamese lettuce wraps and as a side for your Ready-to-Eat meal. And, look for allll of the tomatoes in the galettes, cavatappi and muffins. Corn, peppers and broccoli are thrown in there, too, friends! It’s going to be a veg-tastic, delicious week. We can’t wait.

Weekly Meal Kit | September 19

Who’s excited for another week of gorgeous Fall weather? We sure are! Cool, crisp mornings with warm afternoons are the best and we think our menu selections are perfect for this time of year! So enjoy your roasted sweet potato ciabatta sandwich with spiced chickpea salad, cherry tomato ragù over creamy polenta and loaded veggie fried rice, y’all. And, as an added bonus, we brought back our Fall fave for you: rye molasses cookie dough! 

Weekly Meal Kit | September 12

We’re back at it this week with another great line-up, y’all! Think: coriander crusted roasted wild-caught salmon with roasted vegetables and sesame kale quinoa, tomato basil soup with grilled pimento cheese sammies, and one of our most-requested Farm-to-Freezer meals… South African peanut curry! Are you drooling yet? Because we are! And when you throw in the banana split trail mix… it’s going to be a good week!