Exciting Update❗New way to manage your P&P meal kit❗

Hello, Friends!

Spring Break and Easter are right around the corner and we know y’all have allll sorts of fun plans! And, since we’re sure a number of you will need some time off from your meal kits, we’re excited to announce a NEW and EASIER way to manage your meal kit subscriptions!

Scroll down for screenshots and descriptions of all of the new features that are ALREADY available to you! Just log-in to your account on PastureandPlenty.com and follow along! Skipping a week, changing your dietary information, updating your delivery method…. it’s all just a click away!

Once you log-in, just click on the button that says Manage My Subscriptions (Meal Kits & Add Ons) and you’ll be taken right to your new page for managing your meal kits and accompanying subscriptions!

Inside the customer portal, you’ll see a tab at the top for each subscription you have! If you have multiple Meal Kits, or a Meal Kit and an egg share or bread share, each subscription will have its own, separate tab.

Each subscription is managed separately by clicking on the the corresponding tab. Need to adjust the dietary information on just one kit? Need to skip just your bread share for a week? Just click on that subscription’s tab.

Want to adjust the same information (like a week off or a changed address) on separate subscriptions? You’ll need to make sure that you update each subscription individually.

There are three separate sections that you can edit in your new Customer Portal. First up is Delivery Information! Here you can update your home address or permanently switch your delivery method! Want to always get your meal kit delivered? Or want to Pick-Up at Steve’s instead of at P&P? Just click a button and hit Save Delivery/Pickup Details.

Need to switch from Delivery to Pick-up for just one week? Or want us to leave your Meal Kit by a new door at your house? Just write us a note, then click the Send My Delivery Note button and we’ll get back to you.

The second section is all about tailoring your Meal Kit to your own personal tastebuds! Want to cut out red meat from your diet? Have a new allergy to tree nuts? Just click the appropriate button and hit Save Dietary Preferences.

Have any other Dietary Preferences not listed? Or want to permanently switch from Omnivore to Vegetarian Meal Kits? Just write us a note, hit Send my Dietary Preferences Note and we’ll get back to you.

The third section allows you to adjust your subscription’s schedule! Changes can be made until the Monday prior. Your renewal will automatically adjust based on your weeks on and off. Just click the button next to the date you want to skip and click the Save and Confirm My Schedule button.

Have any other scheduling concerns? Or need to go on an indefinite hold? Just write us a note, hit that Submit My Scheduling Note button and we’ll get back to you.

And for your peace of mind, each change you make and save will generate an automatic confirmation email right to your inbox. So you’ll know for sure that your Meal Kit will be arriving just the way you want it to! Just make sure to add [email protected] to your safe sender list to make sure the emails aren’t going to your Spam folder.

Hopefully, this new system makes your lives just a bit easier, friends! Because, really, that’s our goal as a business. To make it easier for all of us to eat wholesome, and delicious, local foods every day, all year long!

If you have any feedback or ideas for how we can make this meal kit service even better, please reach out! We’re all ears, friends. Thank you again for your continued investment in good food, grown and made right here in Madison.

With lots of local love,
Christy and the P&P Team

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