Monthly Archives: November 2022

Weekly Meal Kit | November 28

Here’s to hoping you all had delicious and overly abundant Thanksgivings! If you’re looking forward to a reprieve from Thanksgiving fare, we’ve got you! Look for: local acorn squashes with an enchilada-style filling chock-full of beans, corn, and roasted peppers; savory squash galettes from Tart; and one of your favorite cold weather meals — our farro and cabbage soup (pro tip: enjoy topped with loooooots of grated parm)! How good does that sound?

Weekly Meal Kit | November 21

Happy Thanksgiving week, y’all! With a traditional turkey feast in the mix this week, we wanted to send meals that would be a change of pace! Look for a spiced roasted tofu and squash dinner topped with a vibrantly green, herby sauce, a Mexican black bean soup from Milpa with cruncy refreshing slaw, and a creamy baked penne pasta! Add in some triple chocolate cookie dough as a break from pie overload and the week is looking good!

Weekly Meal Kit | November 14

We’re trying out a new kind of lasagna this week, friends: a creamy, veg-laden rollup version! We always appreciate your thoughtful and considered feedback, as you know, but we *especially* appreciate it when we’re trying something new. So, please enjoy your cute little lasagna bundles, and let us know what you think! They pair beautifully with two of our older faves, the Austrian stew and jambalaya, too, for a rounded and tasty week! Happy Eating! 

Weekly Meal Kit | November 7

It’s a big week ahead with the Midterm elecitions looming! And what better in a period of uncertainty than comfort food? Our line-up this week is chock-full of coziness to help you out. Think: orzo al limone with meatballs and roasted vegetables, tortilla soup with cilantro lime crema and a gorgeous garam masala squash and black-eyed pea coconut curry. Eat up all that cozy, local goodness and don’t forget to VOTE!