Monthly Archives: November 2020

Weekly Meal Kit | November 16

Cozy up and snuggle in to avoid this cold, folks. And heat up some deliciousness to make the change of weather a little more bearable. Creamy tortelloni, chock-full of the best of Fall’s bounty. A hearty, deep red, borscht with root veggies galore. And, everyone’s favorite, our South African-inspired peanut curry. This week’s menu is warming us up, just thinking about it. Yum!

Weekly Meal Kit | November 9

Well, folks, after this glorious weekend we’re in a pretty good mood and hope you are too! Keep the good vibes rolling and take it easy with these simple and quick favorites. Sweet Potato sammies with flavorful rajas (a Spanish term for poblano strips) salsa. Savory tarts from our friends Ana and Carissa at Tart Baked Goods, alongside some of the last greens of the season. And, everyone’s fave: Bourguignon! We can’t wait.

Weekly Meal Kit | November 2

We know its going to be a tense week, friends (Say what? Election?). So let us take one worry out of it for you: dinner. Fix up some yummy tacos, with locally made tortillas from Bandit Tortilleria. Heat up some Shakshuka, and crack an egg or two in and watch it bake gently in the oven. Stir-up some stir-fry and breathe. And sneak a blondie (or two, we won’t judge).