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Weekly Meal Kit I April 30

Happy weekend friends! The sun will be shining which makes all of us here at P&P very happy and all of our farmer friends too. The season of farmer’s markets and dining al fresco is upon us. You will see a few changes in our format next week. We have included the instructions for the Farm-to-Freezer meal right on the container. The sheets will still have instructions for the Cook Kit and Ready-to-Eat meal. Please remember to return the comment […]

Weekly Meal Kit I April 23

How about we don’t even mention that thing that happened earlier this week… Let’s just look ahead at the coming week instead. I mean, we don’t to jinx it or anything, but it looks like Spring has actually arrived – and is here to stay! So put away your shovels and scrapers and bring out the grill. You’re going to need it for next week’s cook kit. Scroll down to see what coming! Omnivore Menu Vegetarian Menu

Weekly Meal Kit I April 16

It’s Friday the 13th of APRIL and the forecast calls for freezing rain. Now that’s scary. We plan to curl up with some comfort food this weekend and recommend you do the same. Hopefully you have something special from P&P stashed away in your freezer for a weekend just like this one. For now, let’s all dream about the warmer week ahead and the delicious meals that are coming your way. Scroll down to see what’s coming! Omnivore Recipe Sheet Vegetarian Recipes Sheet

Weekly Meal Kit I April 9

Well, it looks like Spring wasn’t here to stay after all. Hard sigh. Fingers crossed that this is the last we’ll see of old man winter until later this year. In the meantime, we’ll keep waiting patiently for that fresh smell in the air that follows the Spring thaw. Speaking of things that seem like they will never end….  we are still waiting for the finishing touches on our kitchen remodel. Thank your continued support during this transition. A reminder that […]

Weekly Meal Kit I April 2

We hope you enjoyed your culinary jaunt around the globe this week. Get ready for round 2. Next week we’ll be taking you on another tantalizing tour. Scroll down to see what’s coming. The week after next (April 9), we will have another adjusted format. Thanks for bearing with us during our renovations – which are taking a bit longer than planned. You will find three delicious farm-to-freezer meals in your bag. A Farro Risotto with Cranberry Beans, Kale, and Toasted Walnuts, […]