Monthly Archives: March 2018

Weekly Meal Kit I March 26

Spring, is that you? Are you really here? Like, for good? We sure hope so! We’ve been savoring every drop of Spring sunshine and looking forward soaking up even more this weekend. Next week we’ll be taking  you on a culinary tour of Italy, North Africa and India. It’s going to be great. Scroll down to see what’s coming. Building updates As with most renovation projects, it’s no surprise that our kitchen is taking longer than planned. Nothing changes for your, but our […]

Weekly Meal Kit I March 19

Happy Friday P&P people. Next week, the cook kit returns! You’ll get back on your game cooking up burgers with gouda, arugula and spicy mayo served on brioche bun along with a side of grilled or roasted zucchini.  It’s a little taste of those summer days ahead. Scroll down to see what else is coming. Building updates  Roof. Check! New hood. Check! Walls and floors. Check! check! We’re so close… Next week we get to move back into our new and improved kitchen and we couldn’t be more […]

Weekly Meal Kit I March 12

We’re pretty jazzed over here about the extra hour of sunshine we got this evening, even if it was at the expense of an hour of sleep. We hope you are feeling energized and ready to tackle the week ahead. Speaking of which, another transitional week starts tomorrow. Your bag will have two farm-to-freezer dishes and one ready-to-eat meal. Since we know some of you are craving that hands-on time in the kitchen, we added a little “extra” to your extra goodness. Hint: […]

Weekly Meal Kit I March 5

It’s all happening! We are in full-blown construction mode. We’ll share a sneak peek soon. Just a reminder that your bag next week will be a little different while we’re in this short transitional period. Instead of a cook kit, you will be receiving a second farm-to-freezer meal alongside your ready-to-eat meal. You will also see a big bag of fresh greens with an herb vinaigrette for you to enjoy as you see fit throughout the week. Some extra goodness will still […]