Monthly Archives: May 2023

Weekly Meal Kit | May 30

Hope y’all had a marvelous Memorial Day weekend! We’re back at it with aflavor-packed menu for this short week. Look for: grilled jerk chicken withCaribbean black beans, red cabbage slaw and mango chutney; a Spring panzanella salad with Madison Sourdough bread and alllll of the vegetables, topped with a whipped ricotta; and tamale pies chock-full of corn, bell peppers and braised beef. Oh happy day!

Weekly Meal Kit | May 22

Who else is excited for P&P’s signature pizza kit this week? We sure are! Even after we made almost 450 pounds of pizza dough, if you can believe it. And, if you need any pointers on forming and tossing your pizza dough, we’ve got you. Head to today’s email newsletter for a link to a video we put together showing some tips and tricks on how to make the perfect crust. And, as always, if you have any questions, just […]

Weekly Meal Kit | May 15

Look for Spring flavors and local goodness in your meal kit this week! Two of our Makeshop partners are featured this week: (locally-harvested) asparagusgalettes from Tart and (locally grown and ground) hominy grits polenta from La Cosecha! Add in a rainbow vegetable pad thai kit, our cozy marinara sauces and ramp vinaigrette, plus a sweet & spicy trail mix from the Bakeshop? Yep, the week is going to be a GOOD one, friends! 

Weekly Meal Kit | May 8

We’re excited to share the meals we’ve crafted with you! Look for bright, fresh and bold flavors to dominate: like chermoula, an herby, piquant North African sauce similar to pesto; a bright, lemony spelt berry salad to mix into your greens-filled soup; and multitude of spices (ginger, cumin, coriander, star anise, clove, pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, turmeric, cardamom and Thai chile) of our cashew coconut chickpea curry. Our tastebuds can’t wait!  

Weekly Meal Kit | May 1

Anytime La Cosecha’s tortillas come around, we start counting down the days until we get to enjoy them! La Cosecha makes fresh tortillas with stone-ground local organic corn (from our friends at Meadowlark Organics), using traditional nixtamalization techniques. These tortillas are a real treat; so tender and delicious, full of actual corn flavor, they’re nothing like the mass produced corn tortillas you buy at the grocery store. You’ll taste the difference, no question!