Monthly Archives: August 2022

Weekly Meal Kit | August 29

Can you believe summer is coming to a close? Back to school season is upon us and Fall is breathing down our necks. As much as we LOVE Fall, we’re also going to miss the free-wheeling fun of summer. If you’re struggling with the transition, too, we feel you. Hopefully our meals this week will help! Look for the sweetest of sweet corn in our fave elote kits, squash blossom and poblano tamales from Milpa, and comforting butter chicken!  

Weekly Meal Kit | August 22

We have your back this week, friends! This week’s menu is aimed at making your life just a bit easier and more delicious. Look for gyro burgers with cucumber salad and red cabbage slaw, a cold soba noodle and veg salad with spicy peanut sauce, and sweet corn risotto with burst cherry tomatoes, zucchini and cranberry beans. Who wouldn’t want to eat those quick and easy meals? YUM. 

Weekly Meal Kit | August 15

Dinners this week are easy peasy, and full of veggies, so you’ll be healthy, fed and ready to take on all of your Summer plans! Think: a panzanella salad with five (yes five!) different summer veggies, a cool, creamy chickpea soup topped with a chopped veg salad, and red coconut curry with yep, you guessed it, loads of veg. We just can’t help ourselves in summer! Wisco’s bounty is just too perfect, y’all.  

Weekly Meal Kit | August 8

We’re super excited about this week’s menu! It’s basically all of our favorite summer foods in one go, y’all. Niçoise salads chock-full of allll the vegetables, rich bbq sammies with cool, crispy slaw and pickles, followed up with slow-cooked tomato and eggplant laden ratatouille? Oh, and (vegan) dark chocolate macaroons to finish? Yep, we’re here for it!    

Weekly Meal Kit | August 1

We’re really looking forward to this week’s menu, aren’t you? RP’s tortellini with our house-made pesto and loads of local veg? Sheet pan nachos with chips from La Cosecha? And, everyone’s favorite, lo mein? Yep, we can’t wait! Add-in a creamy and zesty lime mousse for a sweet treat and it’s going to be a tasty, and vegtastic, week, y’all.