Monthly Archives: April 2022

Weekly Meal Kit | April 25

And what a gorgeous week it’s going to be! Sunny skies, warmer temps… what could be better? Not much, friends. Not much. Unless it’s this week’s meal kit menu… because we think we have a pretty great lineup of meals for you, too! I mean, loaded grilled cheese sandwiches? Ropa Vieja, rich with olives, raisins and capers? And a green minestrone chock-full of herbs, kale, white beans and cute little ditalini? Sounds pretty perfect to us.

Weekly Meal Kit | April 18

We’ve a whole slate of delicious, veg-laden ready-made and easy local goodness for you! Look for: a coconuty red curry soup, chock-full of butternut squash, broccoli, rainbow chard, and edamame; a spicy Sichuan-inspired stir-fry feast with zuccchini, yellow squash, celery, two kinds of cabbage, carrots and bell peppers; and then a tomato and bell pepper-rich cacciatore over creamy local polenta. All that veg is just what we need, right, friends?

Weekly Meal Kit | April 11

April has had a dreary start with snow, rain, and cold, but things are looking up! Warmer weather is coming and so is chocolate cake! Nothing could be better, right? We’re pretty excited for a few tried and true Meal Kit recipes, too, y’all. Look for our classic whitefish cakes paired with local lettuce and our citrus vinaigrette, our cozy chickpea stew with everyone’s favorite: garlic naan, and our signature baked ziti.┬áIt’s adding up to be a great week!!

Weekly Meal Kit | April 4

We’re keeping things simple for you this week, but really packing in the flavor and veg! Think: a tangy, spiced cranberry mostarda and nutty wheat berry salad chock-full of shredded carrot, roasted rutabaga, plumped raisins and loads of fresh herbs. Or white corn tamales, flecked with cilantro, encasing tofu and Milpa’s signature salsa borracha. Or a creamy, herby soup seasoned with caraway and smoked paprika. We can’t wait for you to try it all!