Monthly Archives: November 2021

Weekly Meal Kit | November 22

And the Monday of a holiday week at that! In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we want to extend a sincere thanks to you for allowing us into your kitchens every week. We’re grateful for your support and hope our cooking shows the love! Enjoy your savory stuffed squashes, cheesy potato soup, and rich Tuscan stew over creamy polenta this week. We hope it’s a good one! 

Weekly Meal Kit | November 15

While we’re all about new flavors and variety at P&P, sometimes you just want your comforting, tried-and-true food favorites, right, friends? So, we’re throwing back this week with dan dan noodles, farro soup and shepherd’s pie — dishes that bring a smile to our faces every time we eat them. So we hope they do the same for you! Dig in and cozy up. It’s comfort season!

Weekly Meal Kit | November 8

Have you tried Milpa’s tamales yet? Milpa (run by best friends Shannon and Miros) handmakes tamales, with love, in the new P&P Makeshop kitchen! A tamal seems simple enough: masa dough stuffed with filling, then wrapped in a husk. But, it’s a complex process that takes hours to complete. Milpa is just getting going, but look for their goods in our Farm-to-Freezer cases soon!

Weekly Meal Kit | November 1

Post-Halloween, vegetables are just what we need, right, friends? So, we’re piling veg into every part of your meals this week! Think: burgers piled with pickled carrots and daikon, alongside simply roasted turnips; cornbread topped with apples and leeks, with a fresh four-veg slaw; and a butternut squash risotto laden with six different kinds of greens. What a week!