Monthly Archives: June 2022

Weekly Meal Kit | June 27

Get excited to feast on a steak grill kit with a carrot raisin salad and asparagus, noodles with dan dan sauce, bok choy and roasted peanuts, followed by shakshuka this week! And, as an extra special treat, double chocolate cupcakes for all. Yes, you heard us. CUPCAKES. We’re celebrating our 5th Birthday and wanted to send a little birthday love to our favorite people. Thank you for helping us reach this milestone, friends!  

Weekly Meal Kit | June 20

Summer is in full swing and the weather is glorious! It’s going to be the perfect week for grilling up those kebabs, right, friends? They sound just perfect with the grilled veggie couscous and herby chimichurri. Followed with an easy veg-laden corn chowder with Madison Sourdough rolls and (our all-time fave) smothered burritos with green chile sauce? And with spiced Moroccan peanut cookies for dessert? Yup, life’s looking good! 

Weekly Meal Kit | June 13

School’s out, the weather is warm and life is good. We’re out and about enjoying this season to the fullest! So quick, easy meals — chock-full of flavor and veg – make evenings go so much more smoothly. Meals like RP’s fusilli with Spring greens pesto and roasted vegetables, lemony radish and brown rice soup, and dal mahkani over fluffy basmati rice! With bike rides and neighborhood walks on tap, the week is looking easier and more delicious! 

Weekly Meal Kit | June 6

We’re ready to start June off right! Look forward to a light and seasonal salad with seared wild-caught salmon, Spring veg and greens with a lemon dill vinaigrette, red-sauced enchiladas with La Cosecha’s fantastic tortillas and a veg-laden Mac & Cheese (think: asparagus, arugula, bok choy, shell peas and more). Finish it off with pineapple tamales from Milpa and things are looking up. Talk about tasty, and easy, right, friends?