Monthly Archives: May 2022

Weekly Meal Kit | May 16

The start of another glorious week is upon us! We’re sharing some quick and easy meals this week, friends, so that you can have more time to enjoy this beautiful weather. RP’s pasta and veg-laden stir-fries always hit the spot. And the fan-fave galettes from Tart Baked Goods, our P&P Makeshop Partner, are back, in new variety: French Onion! Ready to pop right into the oven, maybe alongside that cookie dough, they’re almost toooooo easy.   

Weekly Meal Kit | May 9

Our menu is full of our favorite comfort food! Ask Katie, our Meal Kit Sous Chef, her favorite meal and she’d sing you the praises of her sheet pan meatloaf for hours. Jack, our Head Chef would talk your ear off about the “proper” way to make gumbo, how dark, exactly, to get the roux, and how much filé powder it needs. And that protein and veg-packed quinoa salad hits alll the right buttons for me! Followed with chocolate pudding? […]

Weekly Meal Kit | May 2

We’re excited to share the amazing, locally-made (right here in the P&P Makeshop) tortillas from Jonathan Correa of La Cosecha! He’s been busy making tortillas for y’all (2,220!) and we can’t wait for you to taste his product. Jonathan sources local corn, grinds fresh masa himself and shapes beautiful corn tortillas. If you like them, don’t forget that you can always order more from our Farm-to-Freezer case. Happy (almost) Cinco de Mayo! A quick addition to the Cook Kit instructions: […]