Weekly Meal Kit | May 2

We’re excited to share the amazing, locally-made (right here in the P&P Makeshop) tortillas from Jonathan Correa of La Cosecha! He’s been busy making tortillas for y’all (2,220!) and we can’t wait for you to taste his product. Jonathan sources local corn, grinds fresh masa himself and shapes beautiful corn tortillas. If you like them, don’t forget that you can always order more from our Farm-to-Freezer case. Happy (almost) Cinco de Mayo!

A quick addition to the Cook Kit instructions: We forgot to mention the kale! Oops! Here you go:

Strip the kale from the stems, chop it into bite sized pieces and give it a good rinse. From there, you have two options. 1) If you prefer it a bit crunchy, toss it in with the root vegetables in the oven for the last 8 to 10 minutes of roasting. 2) If you prefer it a bit softer, feel free to sauté it with the spelt berries when you reheat them! Either way would be delicious.

Download (PDF, 715KB)

Download (PDF, 715KB)

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