Monthly Archives: April 2024

Weekly Meal Kit | April 29

It looks like it’s shaping up to be glorious Spring week and hopefully our menu makes it easy to enjoy the weather! Get excited for: falafel sandwiches with a chopped cabbage salad in a creamy-tart yogurt sauce, pickled turnips and a chile tahini sauce on ciabatta; takeout-style kung pao chicken with stir-fried peppers and celery, roasted peanuts, and a sweet, sour and savory sauce; and our signature creamy baked mac and cheese loaded with vegetables! 

Weekly Meal Kit | April 22

Get excited for a week of fun flavors! Think: a chimichurri grill kit with pork chops, sweet potatoes and a Mediterranean quinoa salad; a classic tomato basil soup and grilled cheese sammies with toum (a punchy sauce made with garlic, lemon juice, salt and oil); and then a rustic Italian chicken cacciatore over creamy polenta. And, best of all, we have Earth Day Dirt Cups  — thick, creamy dark chocolate pudding with a crumbly cookie topping — coming your way! […]

Weekly Meal Kit | April 15

Get excited for a week of fun flavors, y’all! Think: a Thai-style chicken satay — rich and flavorful with ginger, coconut milk and spices — paired with fragrant coconut rice, crispy and fresh cucumber salad and a mildly spicy peanut sauce; a classic, American-style beef stew, paired with crusty sourdough miche and an herbed sour cream; then a creamy risotto with red beans, kale, sweet peas, fennel and roasted red peppers! And, a sweet little funfetti cookie to cap it […]

Weekly Meal Kit | April 8

And a warmer Monday, at that! Besides sunshine, you can look forward to: our fave sweet potato sandwich on MSCo ciabatta with a bell pepper salsa, lime crema and chickpea salad; our stewed ropa vieja rich with tomato, olives, bell peppers, capers and raisins alongside yellow rice with peas and Cuban black beans; and a creamy baked chicken alfredo pasta with Vitruvian oyster mushrooms, sweet peas and spinach to finish the week off. Life is looking good!

Weekly Meal Kit | April 1

Get excited for a great line-up of meals, friends! Look for: wild-caught salmon tacos on La Cosecha tortillas with a chopped, spicy-sweet mango sweet corn salsa, stewed black beans and crumbled queso fresco; a creamy, tomatoey and fragrant butter paneer with broccoli and cauliflower paired with rice pilaf and cucumber raita; and then last, our signature fried rice loaded with vegetables (because, YES VEG) and crispy bacon lardons. Doesn’t that sound good?