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Weekly Meal Kit | May 10

And a happy Monday it is! Our Mediterranean nachos are back and we can’t wait to dig into their crispy, crunchy and fresh goodness. We’re also excited to share our Soba salad; bright with fresh veg, but hearty from the buckwehat noodles and peanut, it’s tasty! And, the new, updated, galettes from Tart Baked Goods are here. Let us know what you think, friends.  

Weekly Meal Kit | May 3

Welcome to May, Meal Kit gang. We’re ushering in the month by celebrating Cinco de Mayo! Enjoy your taco kits, featuring tortillas from La Cosecha, your citrusy and bright Yucatán soup, and your indulgent Tres Leches cakes. And maybe whip up a few margaritas to go with! We sure are. And, treat yourself even more with a long-time fave — breakfast for dinner. What a week!

Weekly Meal Kit | April 26

Get excited! Your meal kits are chock-full of locally-grown goodness this week. Think: mixed greens, radishes, wild-foraged ramps, spring-dug parsnips, mushrooms, chives and more. Fresh Spring veg paired with our international-inspired menu? It’s like we’re traveling to exotic, and warm, locales! Soon, friends. Soon. But enjoy the (nearby) bounty for now!

Weekly Meal Kit | April 19

The ever-popular P&P Pizza Kit is back! Who’s ready to sling some dough with us? And, we can’t forget tamales from Milpa, a P&P Makeshop partner! We’ve teased their salsas, but tamales are the heart and soul of their business. We can’t wait for you to try them. Rounding out the menu is a creamy risotto and even creamier tiramisu. Such treats this week, friends!

Weekly Meal Kit | April 12

Hooray it’s Monday! And it’s going to be a good one, meal kit friends. We know it! We feel like kids again eating Sloppy Joes, but the nostalgia newly reimagined (hello, pickled red onions!) has us salivating. And who doesn’t love a good bean soup (and bread) on a blustery Spring day? No one we know, friends. Add in a creamy, cozy Tetrazzini and the week is looking delicious. Enjoy!

Weekly Meal Kit | March 29

Blustery days and changing temps abound, but this week’s menu should have you covered! A light and tangy vinaigrette brightens wintery roasted root vegetables right up to bring spring in. But if you need some warming, dig into the Somali Soup and green chile HOT sauce, and you’ll be all set. And, hey, our fried rice is good anytime, right friends? Enjoy!

Weekly Meal Kit | March 15

Lots of bold and bright flavors in this week’s menu, friends. Our house-made giardiniera — crunchy, briny and oil-cured — has our tastebuds singing. The rich, cumin and pepper-laden shakshuka is warming us right up. And the Gumbo is chock-full of Creole and Cajun spices. Need we say more? Oh, there’s Irish Soda bread for St. Patty’s Day, too?! What a week.

Weekly Meal Kit | March 8

Dare we say it, this menu feels perfect for the season. Full of fresh flavors, seasonal veggies, and comfort for cold days. Hearty Chili and tender Cornbread. Creamy, but veg-heavy, Mac and Cheese. Savory lentils and roasted root vegetables with seared Salmon or Cauliflower, for something on the lighter side. And a fun treat: Chia Pudding. We’re ready for the week!  

Weekly Meal Kit | March 1

We have quite the line-up for you! Toothsome fresh linguini with briny and bright puttanesca sauce. Rich stew, chock full of chickpeas and loads of warming spices, ready to be ladled up with bites of naan. And stir-fried veggie goodness, to brighten the winter skies. Plus, who doesn’t love a good cinnamon roll to round the week out? Here’s to a bright, sunny and delicious start to March, friends!

Weekly Meal Kit | February 22

Hooray for a return to a bit more normal Winter weather. Still cold, but we can venture out without our eyelashes freezing, friends. Hopefully, we can help keep the warmth going this week with our menu lineup: comforting feijoada bean stew, Winter minestrone (chock-full of allll the veggies), and those delicious squash galettes from Tart Baked Goods. Oh, and who doesn’t love a good slice of banana bread? Enjoy the bounty, meal kit fam!