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Weekly Meal Kit | November 9

Well, folks, after this glorious weekend we’re in a pretty good mood and hope you are too! Keep the good vibes rolling and take it easy with these simple and quick favorites. Sweet Potato sammies with flavorful rajas (a Spanish term for poblano strips) salsa. Savory tarts from our friends Ana and Carissa at Tart Baked Goods, alongside some of the last greens of the season. And, everyone’s fave: Bourguignon! We can’t wait.

Weekly Meal Kit | November 2

We know its going to be a tense week, friends (Say what? Election?). So let us take one worry out of it for you: dinner. Fix up some yummy tacos, with locally made tortillas from Bandit Tortilleria. Heat up some Shakshuka, and crack an egg or two in and watch it bake gently in the oven. Stir-up some stir-fry and breathe. And sneak a blondie (or two, we won’t judge).

Weekly Meal Kit | October 26

It’s a chilly one this week, Meal Kit Fam. Stay in, stay cozy, and let us warm you up with gentle heat from the red curry, warming spices like cumin, paprika and cinnamon in the sharwarma, and hot bisque. A real treat this week is the Thelma Sanders winter squash. Tender, sweet and delicious, Thelma Sanders squash cooks up to a buttery-soft texture and unmatchable flavor — a distinctive, sweet taste of autumn.

Weekly Meal Kit | October 19

Cozy comfort food = our theme for the week (and maybe all of 2020). Squash-laden homemade pizzas with whipped goat cheese. Herby and creamy bean soup with noodles. And Shepherd’s Pie (with no description needed). We’re here for you in these crazy times and as the weather cools. Sit back, breathe deep the delicious aromas from this week’s menu, and relax. You’ve got this!

Weekly Meal Kit | October 12

This week’s menu is full of delicious local goodness. We’ve squeezed in the last-of-the-season zucchini, the first of the fall root vegetables, three (yes, three) kinds of squash, fresh, crisp lettuce and more. You name it, we’ve got it. The seasonal overlap in between fall and summer brings out the best produce, and we hope you enjoy it to its fullest in our menu this week.

Weekly Meal Kit | October 5

Brrr. October is here and so are crisp temps. Fire up the grill, grab a hot cider, and step outside to enjoy the fresh air. Nothing beats a good burger and fall bevvie on these blustery days. Except maybe rich, creamy polenta with hearty Ratatouille. Or warming Indian curries. Life (and food) is looking good this week! And hopefully our menu will help keep you warm.

Weekly Meal Kit | September 28

Who doesn’t love eating with their hands? We sure do. And the lettuce wraps this week are perfect to fold up and munch. If you were bold, you could try to eat the burritos by hand. But they’re so stuffed full of green chile goodness this week that we actually recommend a fork and knife. We’re also partial to the beginning of soup weather. If you’re like us, then the split pea and cranberry bean soup will warm your soul.

Weekly Meal Kit | April 15

Wisconsin is up to its old tricks again this week, but we’re not letting it get us down. Instead, we’ll take this opportunity to snuggle into sweaters one last time, cozy up with family, friends and find a little more hygge spirit before we turn the corner on Spring. Because it has to be here soon. Right?  Next week’s menu has the flexibility to cook on the grill or in the kitchen, so bring it on Wisconsin. Burger and meatballs! […]


So much sunshine, but still so much to wait for to spring from the ground. Waiting is hard, so we are celebrating all the little shoots and leaves we can gather from our favorite farmers and foragers, while we continue to enjoy last year’s bounty. You’re gonna love the Spring pesto and the warm black bean skillet. Omnivore Recipe Sheet Vegetarian Recipe Sheet