Monthly Archives: October 2023

Weekly Meal Kit | October 30

And we’ve got meals perfect for a busy and cool week ahead! Not ready for these suddenly frigid temps? Then turn on your oven for a quick and easy, sheet pan dinner of roasted veggies and meatloaf with a tomato glaze. Busy handing out candy on Halloween and no time to cook? Just pop everyone’s favorite lemony red lentil soup in a saucepan on the stove! Or, imagine being in a different climate entirely with our Nigerian-inspired fried rice!

Weekly Meal Kit | October 23

We have some seriously cozy fare lined up for you, friends! Look for: pan-seared pork chops atop a warming orange root veg mash (jazzed up with lentils) and shallots braised in a red wine sauce; a satisfying and deeply savory veg and white bean-packed potato stew in an aromatic, spicy gochujang broth rich with soy sauce and honey; and everyone’s favorite Thai-inspired shrimp and veg-packed coconut curry! And a pumpkin treat?! Oh Fall, we love you.

Weekly Meal Kit | October 16

We have a TASTY week ahead! Get pumped for: an easy sheet pan supper of red chilaquiles topped with queso fresco, a chopped radish, corn and tomato salsa and black beans; a fun eat-with-your-hands dinner of lettuce wraps stuffed with cauliflower balls and an herby rice noodle salad with pickled carrots; and a cheesy baked pasta in a pumpkin cream sauce with kale and shredded brussels sprouts! It’s hard to choose which meal we’re most excited about!

Weekly Meal Kit – October 9

We’re ushering in the cooler temps with a great menu this week, y’all! Look for: fresh gnocchi sardi pasta from Sal’s tossed with house-made arugula pesto (made with pepitas, not pine nuts, as always) and roasted veggies and chicken; our fave sweet potato sandwich on MSCo ciabatta topped with a bell pepper salsa and cilantro crema, with a chickpea salad to serve alongside; and some lemony white bean soup with turkey & greens! Cozy, comforting food for Fall.

Weekly Meal Kit | October 2

We’re getting a last spurt of summer weather, which is perfect for firing up the grill for our BBQ chicken sandwiches this week, y’all. And, when that cold weather rolls in later, just heat up our¬†hearty taco soup for a cozy dinner in! And then we really hope you enjoy¬†one of our Head Chef Jack’s favorite meals to cook: slow roasted ratatouille with alllll of the eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini and peppers your veg-loving heart could desire atop a parmesan polenta!