7th Birthday Edition

Wednesday Dinner

Pasture & Plenty is turning 7!

To celebrate, we're bringing back our original, seasonal, locally-sourced and ready-to-go Chicken Dinners!

Join us on Wednesday, June 12th, from 4pm - 7pm. Order your meal today and join in the celebration! Like we always say, friends: less work, more picnic.

Dinners are sized to serve two people. So, order more for a party! Or, you can also just add on an extra quarter chicken, if you want more of that local, pasture-raised chicken goodness.

7th Birthday Dinner Menu

  • grilled, bbq chicken half -or- grilled bbq tempeh
  • grilled asparagus with charred lemon vin, sliced red bell peppers & radish, herbs and feta
  • green goddess potato salad
  • cheddar & green chile cornbread with hot honey
  • upside down rhubarb cake