Weekly Meal Kit I March 5

It’s all happening! We are in full-blown construction mode. We’ll share a sneak peek soon.

Just a reminder that your bag next week will be a little different while we’re in this short transitional period. Instead of a cook kit, you will be receiving a second farm-to-freezer meal alongside your ready-to-eat meal. You will also see a big bag of fresh greens with an herb vinaigrette for you to enjoy as you see fit throughout the week. Some extra goodness will still be included too.

Meals for the coming weeks will be in disposable containers, similar to last week. Glassware comes back as soon as the new kitchen is up and running. Please return any glassware you have at home. We need it back in the kitchen to maintain the sustainable cycle.

We’ll also be trying a few new bag options, to see how they do. You may see a new color, shape or size this week as part of the trial.

We thank you for your continued support as we strive to make this service as seamless as possible. Any questions or feedback? Just send us a note at [email protected].

Scroll down to see what’s coming next week.

Omnivore Recipe Sheet

Download (PDF, 104KB)

Vegetarian Recipe Sheet

Download (PDF, 104KB)

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