Meal Kit Menus & Kitchen Notes

Weekly Meal Kit | December 19

In many Mexican-American families, the holiday season = tamale time. Families and friends gather in kitchens big and small for annual tamale-making parties. The dozens upon dozens of delicious tamales they make are then shared with friends, coworkers, and loved ones far and wide… just like the tamale kits that we’re sharing with all of you, our Meal Kit family! Hopefully, this sparks a little holiday joy for y’all and maybe, just maybe, the start of your own new tradition.

Kitchen Notes | December 19

Tamale How-to Place husks in a large bowl. Add enough boiling water to cover and weigh down with a plate to soak until softened (at least 30 minutes). Drain and wipe dry. Place a husk on your work surface or in your hand. Place about 1/4 cup of the masa in the top center of the husk. Then, pat the masa into a 4″ by- 3″ rectangle, leaving at least 2 inches on each side. Put 2 tablespoons of the […]

Weekly Meal Kit | December 12

We’re excited about this week’s menu, y’all: it’s loaded with bold, bright flavors and allll the veg! Look for wild-caught salmon with pickled beet and horseradish sauce, and roasted, crispy potatoes and red cabbage; sloppy joes with a crunchy, zesty root vegetable slaw and salsa aguacate; and a creamy sweet corn (from our friends at Alsum’s) and acorn squash chowder! Oh, and did someone say peppermint bark? What a week!

Weekly Meal Kit | December 5

Can you believe it’s December already?! Bring on warming meal kits, loaded with flavor and locally-grown goodness and (holiday) cheer! Get excited for: creamy twice-baked sweet potatoes with sautéed kale and pickled red onions; cozy mushroom and wild rice soup with loads of dill and paprika; and a creamy baked pasta chock-full of greens, herbs and feta. Perfect for the start of winter!

Weekly Meal Kit | November 28

Here’s to hoping you all had delicious and overly abundant Thanksgivings! If you’re looking forward to a reprieve from Thanksgiving fare, we’ve got you! Look for: local acorn squashes with an enchilada-style filling chock-full of beans, corn, and roasted peppers; savory squash galettes from Tart; and one of your favorite cold weather meals — our farro and cabbage soup (pro tip: enjoy topped with loooooots of grated parm)! How good does that sound?

Weekly Meal Kit | November 21

Happy Thanksgiving week, y’all! With a traditional turkey feast in the mix this week, we wanted to send meals that would be a change of pace! Look for a spiced roasted tofu and squash dinner topped with a vibrantly green, herby sauce, a Mexican black bean soup from Milpa with cruncy refreshing slaw, and a creamy baked penne pasta! Add in some triple chocolate cookie dough as a break from pie overload and the week is looking good!

Weekly Meal Kit | November 14

We’re trying out a new kind of lasagna this week, friends: a creamy, veg-laden rollup version! We always appreciate your thoughtful and considered feedback, as you know, but we *especially* appreciate it when we’re trying something new. So, please enjoy your cute little lasagna bundles, and let us know what you think! They pair beautifully with two of our older faves, the Austrian stew and jambalaya, too, for a rounded and tasty week! Happy Eating! 

Weekly Meal Kit | November 7

It’s a big week ahead with the Midterm elecitions looming! And what better in a period of uncertainty than comfort food? Our line-up this week is chock-full of coziness to help you out. Think: orzo al limone with meatballs and roasted vegetables, tortilla soup with cilantro lime crema and a gorgeous garam masala squash and black-eyed pea coconut curry. Eat up all that cozy, local goodness and don’t forget to VOTE!

Weekly Meal Kit | October 31

And Happy Halloween to one and all! Hopefully our veg-laden and locally sourced meals help balance all of that deliciuos candy that’s sure to come your way this week, y’all. Look for: salsa macha tacos on local La Coescha tortillas, mapo tofu over sesame scallion brown rice, and shepherd’s pies! Although, shhhh, we couldn’t help adding to the sweet treats with our pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. ‘Tis the season, after all! :o) 

Weekly Meal Kit | October 24

Ready for another tasty week, friends? We baked off a few test pizzas and boy… were they good! The herbed ricotta and caramelized onions pair perfectly with delicata squash. And we can’t wait for our fave chili and cornbread, as well as the Filipino-inspired adobo. With a menu that good, and some white chocolate blondies thrown in, we’ll be ready for whatever the week may bring!