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Keep your food fresh at home and on the go. These air and watertight stainless steel containers are great for packing lunches, taking home and storing leftovers and can even be used over a fire when camping! Containers can be put in the dishwasher and oven without their tops and can last a lifetime.Sizes8 cm container: 0.6 cups or 140 ml10 cm container: 1.5 cups or 350 ml12 cm container: 3 cups or 710 ml14 cm container: 4.75 cups or 1.1 L16 cm container: 6.6 cups or 1.5 LDividers container: 6.7 cups or 1.5 L18 cm container: 7.4 cups or 1.75 L20 cm container 8.5 cups or 2 L23 cm container 16.8 cups or 4 L26 cm container 25.4 cups or 6 L