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A2-sized greeting cards from our friends at Bayview Printing (Milwaukee).

  • A Great Journey Begins- suitable for any new beginning (white, rose gold)
  • A Thousand Thank Yous- a simple gratitude card (white, gold)
  • Celebrating You- a minimalistic card for any honorary occasion (white, yellow, copper)
  • Calls for a Celebration- humorously suggesting a celebratory night-in (yellow)
  • Thanks for Being You- send a funny to your favorite human (green)
  • Awkwardly Long Hug- package your blessings and well-wishes with a chuckle (blue)
  • Spinach in Your Teeth- romantic, funny, & real (red)
  • So Dang Beautiful- poetic words for your loved ones (yellow)
  • Beautiful Mess- a romantic, funny, & faithful card for someone you share your messy life with (blue)
  • Welcome Little Star- consice words of welcome (white, light purple)
  • The World Warmly Welcomes You- clean elegance for the new humans of the world (rose gold, teal)
  • Parenting is Freaking Hard- a funny mood-booster for a hard-working parent (pink)