Weekly Menu/ Kitchen Notes

Weekly Meal Kit | April 22

Hope you enjoyed this beautiful weekend! There is so much tasty goodness coming your way this week. Delicious Larb Style Pork Lettuce Wraps (or TVP instead of pork for our vegetarian friends), curry, and more! Omnivore Recipe Sheet Vegetarian Recipe Sheet

Weekly Meal Kit | April 15

Wisconsin is up to its old tricks again this week, but we’re not letting it get us down. Instead, we’ll take this opportunity to snuggle into sweaters one last time, cozy up with family, friends and find a little more hygge spirit before we turn the corner on Spring. Because it has to be here soon. Right?  Next week’s menu has the flexibility to cook on the grill or in the kitchen, so bring it on Wisconsin. Burger and meatballs! […]


So much sunshine, but still so much to wait for to spring from the ground. Waiting is hard, so we are celebrating all the little shoots and leaves we can gather from our favorite farmers and foragers, while we continue to enjoy last year’s bounty. You’re gonna love the Spring pesto and the warm black bean skillet. Omnivore Recipe Sheet Vegetarian Recipe Sheet  

Weekly Meal Kit | April 1

We’ve been cooking up a storm as usual and we’re excited to offer you three delectable meals in your meal kit this week. Shakshuka anyone? If you’re not familiar with this Moroccan-inspired dish, it’s an amazing combination of spiced tomatoes and peppers with baked eggs and goat cheese. Please note that you’ll have to use eggs from your own fridge for this one. While we’re pretty proud of the various packaging solutions we’ve come up with, there’s always that one […]

Weekly Meal Kit | March 25

Anyone else been feeling ecstatic about the weather? Felt tears of joy well up as you step out and are *not* smacked in the face with bitter cold? Fought the urge to do a little jig in the street now that every surface is no longer covered in ice? Yes, spring has sprung in Wisconsin. Here at P&P, we’re feeling extra energized and with a burger on the menu next week, we might just start up our grill. Scroll down […]

Weekly Meal Kit | March 18

Greetings friends. This week, we’re excited to feature salmon from Bering Bounty in our meal kit for omnivores and pescetarians. Bering Bounty is a Verona-based sustainable seafood company that fishes off the coast of Alaska. Their operation was the first in the world to qualify as fully sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council. We have loads of events coming up this spring, so be sure to check out our events page for the full run-down. As always, enjoy your weekend! Omnivore Recipe Sheet Vegetarian Recipe […]

Weekly Meal Kit | March 11

Hello there friends. We hope you’ve had a wonderful week. There are warmer temperatures on the horizon, St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and soon our farmers’ seedlings will be going into the ground. There’s a glimmer of light at the end of this wintery tunnel. J. Henry & Sons Whisky and Lamb dinner for St. Patrick’s Day? It’s on! Pi Day – YES and how, with Tarts and Pies from Tart Baked Goods and Cornish Pasty hand pies on Thursday […]

Weekly Meal-Kit | March 4

We. Can’t. Wait. Omnivore Recipe Sheet Vegetarian Recipe Sheet

Weekly Meal-Kit | Feb. 25

What a day. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping. Smiles everywhere. You’d almost think Spring was just around the corner… until you look at the weekend forecast. Yep, a few more icy, snowy days ahead. The good news? We have three great meals heading your way next week. Including our crowd-pleasing, warm and savory pot pie. Omnivore Recipe Sheet Vegetarian Recipe Sheet

Weekly Meal-Kit | Feb 18

Hard to imagine that not too long from now, our farmers will be back outside planting for that first glorious Spring harvest. We start getting pretty antsy this time of year. Fortunately, we stash enough away to keep eating local throughout the Winter, but Spring means that a brand-new bounty of Wisconsin-grown goodies is just beginning. We. Can’t. Wait. Omnivore Recipe Sheet Vegetarian Recipe Sheet