Weekly Meal Kit | June 15

This week offers an exciting way to explore the richness of black culture and community here in Madison with virtual Juneteenth celebrations hosted by Kujichagulia Madison! Kujichagulia is inviting the whole Madison Community to join in with multiple evening and daytime events, from music, spoken word, food and even kitchen chemistry!

If you would like to purchase a meal kit to be delivered on Friday afternoon, we have 25 available to share with the broader community. The sales of these will allow us to add celebratory drinks from WiscoPop! to the kits, and to be able to purchase all ingredients from local minority-owned farms.

And, learn more about the week of celebrations on Kujichagulia’s Juneteenth event page. https://www.kujimcsd.org/juneteenth

Download (PDF, 2.84MB)


Download (PDF, 84KB)

Download (PDF, 85KB)

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