Weekly Meal Kit | March 25

Anyone else been feeling ecstatic about the weather? Felt tears of joy well up as you step out and are *not* smacked in the face with bitter cold? Fought the urge to do a little jig in the street now that every surface is no longer covered in ice? Yes, spring has sprung in Wisconsin.

Here at P&P, we’re feeling extra energized and with a burger on the menu next week, we might just start up our grill. Scroll down to see next week’s line up. On the way, check out some fun events  And, mark your calendars for Chef Week 2019,Madison Area Chef Network’s annual showcase of Madison’s most talented chefs collaborating to create delicious and unique experiences. We have three events at P&P. Visit our events  page for details.

Omnivore Recipe Sheet

Download (PDF, 129KB)

Vegetarian Recipe Sheet

Download (PDF, 129KB)


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