Weekly Meal Kit I June 11

How about that pizza kit? There’s something really special about Wisconsin fresh arugula. We’ve tried Arugula from other states and they’ve got nothing on us.

Scroll down to check out the lineup for next week. Sometimes we can’t jam all the goodness into the compact titles below. You know, like “spring salad” for example.  Given the chance to be more verbose, we’d probably say “spectacular spring salad with farro, fresh asparagus, fava shoots, and peas, BelGioioso feta, salami (or tofu), freshly-picked mint, parsley, and scallions with delicious dressing”. But that was too long, so we had to settle for “Spring Salad”. Sigh.

Don’t forget to add coffee  or granola to your bag sometime between now and Sunday night. You can also automatically have these items added to your bag each week by starting a subscription. Visit our site for details.

Gather up your glassware! In order to keep our service as sustainable as possible, we ask that you return any glassware you might still have at home when you return your bag on Monday. Keep the lids on the glassware to prevent chipping inside the bag. Please peel the labels from the top of the containers. If you remove them right after you pull them from the fridge, they come off very easily. It’s a small step, but saves hours on our end. Thanks for helping keep this service as close to zero waste as possible!

Omnivore Recipe Sheet

Download (PDF, 177KB)

Vegetarian Recipe Sheet

Download (PDF, 175KB)

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