Weekly Meal Kit I May 21

Ok, so we think every week is pretty great, but next week is going to be awesome.  I mean, chopped brisket with P&P pickles on a brioche bun served alongside of baked beans and zucchini? Does it get anymore summery than that? Get your checkered blanket ready and prepare to picnic.

We’re also pretty big fans of next week’s ready-to-eat and farm-to-freezer meals. We can’t wait to hear what you think. Keep the comments flowing!

Also, it’s asparagus season! We’ll be including a bunch in your bag to use how you see fit, along with some P&P vinaigrette.

Scroll down to see what coming next week!

Omnivore Recipe Sheet

Download (PDF, 177KB)

Vegetarian Recipe Sheet

Download (PDF, 177KB)


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