Weekly Meal Kit I February 26

It’s an exciting Friday at Pasture and Plenty. Next week we will officially kick off the last phase of our renovation. We can’t wait for the big unveiling. In the meantime, our storefront will be closed for lunch and dinner for a few weeks, but your meal kit subscription will not be interrupted. As we mentioned, the format will be slightly different during these weeks, but every bit as delicious.

Speaking of time off, we know some of you may have Spring break travel plans in the coming weeks. Many in the P&P community have chosen to share their weekly kit with a friend or neighbor while they’re gone. It’s a great way to boost your karma! If you do decide to share the love, we just need to know who is picking-up or the new address for drop off.

If you need to skip a week completely, please let us know by the Monday prior to the skipped week. We make ordering and prep plans early in the week for the next week’s meal kits. Just send us an email. [email protected]

Scroll down to see what’s coming next week.


Omnivore Recipe Sheet

Download (PDF, 149KB)

Vegetarian Recipe Sheet

Download (PDF, 149KB)

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