Meal Kit Menus & Kitchen Notes

Weekly Meal Kit I December 29

You’re not dreaming. It’s true. Your Pasture and Plenty meals will be in your hands tomorrow. Once again, we’ve prepared easy to prep, nourishing meals for the upcoming week. Scroll down to see what’s coming. Planning a New Year’s dinner? We still have lasagnas, shepherd’s pie and pot pies available for purchase in the shop. Shoot us an email if you’d like one added to your order. We are excited for the year ahead and thank you for being part of our P&P community. We will be […]

Weekly Meal Kit I December 22

Good news. You don’t have to wait until Monday for your Pasture and Plenty meals. They’ll be on your table tomorrow! We have prepared simple, healthful meals for the upcoming week to help you stay fueled and focused. Scroll down to see what’s coming. If you need food to feed a crowd, we have beautiful and satisfying lasagnas, shepherd’s pie and pot pies available for purchase in the shop. Shoot us an email if you’d like one added to your order. We […]

Weekly Meal Kit I December 17

Hard to believe the holidays a just about a week away. If you’re looking for something unique, you’re in luck. Samia Shalabi will in the shop on Monday from 3:30 – 7:00. She makes meaningful, handmade pieces in Bali and she is passing through Madison this holiday season. Take a look at her beautiful pieces here. Elemeno will also be having a noodle night pop-up during meal kit pick-up, if you are in the mood for one more easy (and delicious) meal. Or, if […]

Weekly Meal Kit I Dec 10

We hope you enjoyed all the special extra goodies in this week’s meal. Next week is full of warm and comforting crowd favorites. Scroll down for a peek. Don’t forget to check out all the incredible events we have available in the shop this month. Savor the season and check a few gifts off your list while you’re at it. You will leave several of these events with unique homemade gifts in hand. Perhaps someone on your list would enjoy a craft […]

Weekly Meal Kit I December 3

Welcome to the weekend friends. Gosh, we have so much to tell you. Where do we even start? How about we tell you about what’s coming in your meal kits next week. In addition to two delicious P&P meals, you’ll also be receiving something special from a few of our friends. You’ll find savory brussels sprout tarts from Tart Baked Goods in your bag in place of your regular P&P Farm-to-Freezer meal. They will be frozen with instructions for preparation. You are in […]

Weekly Meal Kit I November 26

Sorry to disappoint you, but this is not a Black Friday email. Just your regular Friday night email from P&P that gives you the scoop about the week ahead. But next week is far from regular. Not only do we have a delicious trio of meals hitting your table, we also have a kitchen takeover happening Thursday night, November 29. Our friends at Ugly Apple will be in our kitchen cooking up their amazing breakfast foods – for dinner. That’s right. Who […]

Weekly Meal Kit I November 19

Seriously, how did Thanksgiving sneak up so fast? If you’re feeling underprepared, just know that we’re here to help make next week less complicated. First off, all of next week’s meals are as easy as they are delicious. We opted for very low prep on the cook kit so you can focus your meal-prepping energy elsewhere. Scroll down to see what’s coming. Secondly, we still have delicious holiday pies from Tart Baked Goods! Get your pie order in by Monday at midnight for pick Wednesday, November […]

Weekly Meal Kit I November 12

Hard to believe we’re already heading into short days and winter coats. The weather may be cool, but next week your belly will be warm and satisfied with the three delicious meals we have lined up. Take a peek below.   Speaking of warm and delicious… Grab yourself some pies! This year we’ve teamed up with the amazing women at Tart Baked Goods to offer you a variety of scrumptious holiday pie options. Click here for more info.  Omnivore Recipe Sheet Vegetarian Recipe Sheet

Weekly Meal Kit I November 5

After this wonderful week of Fall weather, you have even more delicious and comforting Fall food to look forward to next week. Take a peek below if you just can’t wait to find out. Oh, and the anytime extra next week? Lets just say it’s a true seasonal delight. Scroll down to see the Farm-to-Freezer meals we have in stock at the shop. We hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Omnivore Recipe Sheet Vegetarian Recipe Sheet

Weekly Meal Kit I October 29

It’s a beautiful Fall Friday and as always we’re excited about the upcoming week. Not only do we have a great lineup of meals (scroll down to see), but we also have our good friend, Molly Moran from Table Wine in the shop next Thursday evening to host a class on wine pairing. Wine and food. Always better together, right? But what wines work well with different foods and flavors? Come sip, eat and learn the fundamentals of pairing food with wine and which […]