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Wednesday, January 26th | 4pm – 6pm
Help us support the Midvale-Lincoln PTO and the Waisman Center, it’s as easy as (pizza) pie! Just order up some pizza and/or beer for dinner on Wednesday, January 26th.
We will be baking up some pizzas and Working Draft Beer Company will be providing the beer. Sounds like a cozy night in with the fam if you ask us. And all for a great cause!
Choose from the following pizza options:
1/2 Supreme and 1/2 Cheese (14″)
Classic Cheese (14″)
Classic Pepperoni(14″)
Classic Sausage(14″)
Kid’s Personal Cheese (9″)
Kid’s Personal Pepperoni (9″)
Mac & Cheese (14″)
Margherita (14″)
Shaved Brussels Sprout, Caramelized Onion and Bacon (14″)
Squash, Caramelized Onion, Kale and Winter Pesto (14″)
Supreme (14″)
Veggie Supreme (14″)

Pickups will be on January 26th, Wednesday, from 4pm-6pm, at P&P

*Please specify at check-out if you’d prefer your donation to go to the Waisman Center or the Midvale-Lincoln PTO. If not specified, it will be split 50-50. Thank you again for supporting these wonderful organizations!*