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History of Black Agriculture in Wisconsin

Inspired by Chef Yusuf Bin-Rella of TradeRoots Farms, Pasture and Plenty will be celebrating the work of Black Chefs and Scholars in a three-part cooking demonstration and seminar series that explores the historical Black settlement of the Cheyenne Valley and Black foodways in Wisconsin. Each installment of the series will investigate a different thread of this fascinating history, and offer our guests the opportunity to pick up a picnic meal in Madison and take a self-guided tour of the Cheyenne Valley Heritage Area. Learn, tour and eat!

Join us as we dig into the history of Black agriculture and foodways in Wisconsin, using the table as the gateway to open our understanding of this important history to better know ourselves in the present day.

Part 3: The Future of Black Agriculture and Foodways

Thursday, September 30, 2021 | 6PM

Part 3 will explore the active efforts to preserve and share the history of the Cheyenne Valley's multiracial settlement. We will hear from Denise Christy-Moss and Rebecca Mormann-Krieger of the Enduring Families Project, which raises awareness of early Black settlement in Western Wisconsin through performance; share a cooking demo and a Caribbean dinner from Chef Kingsley Gobourne, of Artemis Provisions; dig into the importance of preserving Black land, foodways, and farming with Adrian Lipscombe, of the 40 Acres and a Mule Project; and also discuss Black, White, and Native identity in Wisconsin Farm Country with Dr. Jennifer Stinson, Associate Professor of History at Saginaw Valley State University..

Three Ways to Engage:

  • Digital ONLY: Thursday Night Virtual Cooking Demo & Discussion 
  • Caribbean Food Picnic Pick-up AND Thursday Virtual Cooking Demo & Discussion 

Both ticket options include a PDF Map and tour guidebook for the self-guided Cheyenne Valley Heritage Loop tour.

  • Add to the experience with an Interactive Cheyenne Valley Tour provided in partnership with FairShare CSA Coalition's Routes to Roots fundraiser. With The Cheyenne Valley Tour, you will also receive access to explore 10 additional tours celebrating Wisconsin farms and food featured in this year’s Routes to Roots app. 

Chef Kingsley's Caribbean Food Picnic Menu (serves one)
Jerk Chicken OR Jerk Sweet Potato
Caribbean Mac 'n Cheese
Jamaican Sautéed Greens
Ginger, Rum, Coconut Cookie from the P&P Bakeshop

Caribbean Food Picnic Pick-up at Pasture and Plenty:
Thursday, 9/30, 2pm - 7pm
Friday, 10/1, 11am - 7pm
Saturday, 10/2, 9am - 1pm

  • Kingsley Gobourne