Mural Fundraiser

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Our mural is really coming along! ArtistNatalie Hinaharahas been hard at work — I mean just LOOK at that beautiful wall — and we’re on track to finish next week. With the end in sight, we’re excited to invite you all to come see the mural for yourselves at ourMural Celebration Open House next Wednesday, June 28th!Stop by anytime between 5-6:30pmfor a casual meet-and-greet with Natalie and some friends fromWild Beariesto talk about the mural, its whole process from start to finish and the Native and Indigenous plants that are featured on it! We’ll also be recognizing all of y’all that have helped us make this mural possible; we couldn’t have done it without such amazing community support.And, we’ll be whipping up a big batch Sweetgrass Lemonade for sale, with all proceeds going to help fully fund this project! The full budget for the mural is $10,750. We have a grant from the Regent Neighborhood Association for the first $2,500, which we are matching, and have raised an additional $2,500 from business and individual donors so far, we are hoping to raise $3,250 more to fully fund this project! If you’ve already donated, thank you, truly! We’d love for you to stop by for some lemonade on us and for a chance to thank you in person.So, mark your calendars to hang out at our open house, stop by our lemonade stand, connect with the neighborhood, admire our new wall and talk all about Indigenous food, culture and history!ANY amount of support is gratefully received! Thank you for supporting our community in this way!