bakers against racism

In Adversity We Bloom Seedling + Bake Sale

Saturday, May 21st | 9am - 1pm

We're BACK for another Bakers Against Racism Spring Bake and Seedling Sale! Our past Bakers Against Racism sales have raised over $6000 for local urban agriculture projects and important anti-racism and anti-oppression causes around Madison, and we're committed to continuing that good work. So, join us, friends, and stock up your gardens with all of that delicious summer veg, and why not bring home a few sweet treats while you're at it?

Proceeds from our community sale will benefit urban agriculture projects in Madison that are working on food access, food justice and food advocacy and training in our Black and Asian communities.

Get your seedling orders in, the seeds are already growing. We are working with the fine farmers at Troy Farm and Luedtke's Cultivation to bring you herb and vegetable seedlings.

Bake Sale Items now LIVE!