Makeshop Go Big

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Yes! We want to plan the most beautiful night for you and your peeps. Indoor, outdoor wherever we can make it happen safely. P&P Chefs will plan a special event menu just for you, working with the best of what is coming in from our local farms.* So, you can tuck in and enjoy a delicious evening. All this & tickets for you and three of your besties to come and celebrate at our THANK YOU party.

Who knew commitment could taste so good. And, if you want us to, we will totally tatoo your name on the side of the building.

*Out of towner? We will send you a bonkers good local love care package quarterly.


  • Full on Local Love! Private Farm-to-Table Dinner Party for 10
  • 4 Tickets to our THANK YOU Street (or maybe parking lot) Party!

Let’s plan the best date for you!

THANK YOU Party time will be in October! And, let us know when you are ready to eat well with us anytime after April 15th.