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Join us on Saturday, April 13th for a pop-up dinner with Common Pasta!

Common Pasta, a local food truck, delivers offerings that are anything but common! Chef (and owner!) Jon Rosnow makes all of his pastas by hand, using an extruder pasta machine and hand-mixing semolina flour and with whole eggs to make what he considers the perfect dough for all his pastas. And we’ll have his hand-made pastas available for carry-out, so you can enjoy your food in the comfort of home!

And, friends, you WANT to try these goodies out. Take his macaroni, for example! A spin on the classic dish, he blends Carr Valley cheddar, Roth gouda, and BelGioioso grana for a cheesy sauce filled with local goodness and tops it with a chili sofrito, spicy pork sausage and breadcrumbs.

Want to carry-out? 
Pre-order your choice of handcrafted pasta now!

Handcrafted Pasta Menu

  • Whole Wheat Bigoli with kale pesto, shitaake mushrooms, candied walnuts, Landmark Creamery pecora nocciola. $17.
  • Mac’ N Cheese with Carr Valley Cheddar, Roth Gouda, Wl grana, spicy pork sausage, chili soffrito, sourdough breadcrumbs. $16.
  • Red Wine Rigatoni with lamb ragù, harissa, cinnamon, parsnips, gremolata. $19.
  • Ramp Bucatini with guanciale, pickled ramps, Landmark Creamery pomona fondue. $18.
  • Duck Confit Ravioli with charred napa cabbage, crème fraîche, sauerkraut powder. $19.