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      • Door County Polka King Porter

        Single $3.00|
        6 Pack$12.00|
        Brewed with pale chocolate malts and English hops. It’s a malty beer with notes of roasted chocolate and caramel.
      • Potosi Oktoberfest

        Single $3.00|
        6 Pack$11.00|
        This reddish orange lager celebrates the season with a rich caramel malt flavor, moderate hop bitterness and a frothy head.
      • O’SO Infectious Groove Sour Ale

        6 Pack$11.00|
        Single $3.00|
        A local refreshingly tart wheat ale.
      • Karben 4 Brewing Hard Seltzer

        Single $3.00|
        6 Pack$11.00|
        Black cherry or cucumber melon. A favorite refreshing and local hard seltzer!
      • Sant Aniol Natural Mineral Water

        750 ml
      • Spindrift Sparkling Water

        lemon, blackberry, grapefruit, or raspberry-lime, 12 oz
      • Coffee

        12 oz. $2.50|
        16 oz. $3.00|
        Proudly serving Wonderstate (farm)house blend: medium/ dark blend that is cozy and balanced!
      • Cold Brew

      • Rishi Teas

        available flavors - English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Thai Green, Jade Oolong, Moonlight Jasmine, Blueberry Rooibos, Chamomile, Hibiscus and Peppermint
      • P&P house kombucha

        Sweet Cherry Pie, Chaineapple, Blueberry Hibiscus, Tart Cherry, or Pumpkin Spice.
      • Whole, Skim or Oat Milk

      • WiscoPop! Ginger Lime Sparkle

        Locally made ginger lime sparkling water.
      • WiscoPop! Soda

        Cherry or Strawberry