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6 pack of tamales made by Shannon & Miros of Milpa!

Choose From a variety of rotating flavors:
– Yellow corn with spiced pineapple & raisins (vegan) (sweet)
– Red corn with coconut and chocolate (sweet)

– White corn with tofu, salsa borracha, and cilantro (vegetarian) (medium spice)
– Blue corn with beans, queso fresco, and red chiles (vegetarian) (mild spice)
– White corn with squash blossoms, poblano, & chihuaua cheese (vegetarian) (medium spice)
– Purple corn with jackfruit al pastor (vegan) (mild Spice)
– Purple corn with salsa verde, poblano, & herbs (vegan) (medium spice)
– White corn with salsa verde, peas, & chihuahua cheese (vegetarian) (medium spice)