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A Taste of the Makeshop

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Meet the Makers and the Doers and the Bakers. And taste the start of something good.

The campaign to launch the P&P Makeshop is in full swing. And, what better way to see what new and delicious businesses are being cooked up than to taste their cooking? That's right, friends. We're popping up with tempting previews of each partner business in the Makeshop: La Cosecha, Milpa, Vibrant Veg, Tart Baked Goods and Ice Cream Social. See why we're so passionate about helping them succeed. Plus, who doesn't love to eat well and do some good, too?

Get a preview taste of small-batch ice cream from Katrina Ervin of Ice Cream Social!

Try out a special batch of Milk + Honey, a sweet cream ice cream with wildflower honey swirls and honeycomb candy pieces.

Order pints now for pick-up Mon 4/26 (3:30pm - 7:30pm) or Tues 4/27 (11am - 7pm). Supplies are limited.

Meal kit members, order yours to be added to your meal kit for an extra tasty sweet treat!

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