Meet The Team

Christy (Owner):

Our ringleader, creative director, and coach, it's Christy's passion and drive that makes Pasture and Plenty so special. Having been Madison born and raised, this business is something she has been dreaming of for 20 years. Because of her, we are committed to the root idea that food should be sourced locally and be as wholesome as possible for everyone.  Christy’s favorite P&P dish is the pasta. “I love how it highlights all the local vegetables and the pesto is changing with the season.”

Jack (Executive Chef):

Nourished by time spent outside with family and friends, Jack brings a patient and hardworking attitude to P&P every day. His focus on using great technique on great ingredients is what keeps us going. A continuous learner, Jack believes any cookbook can teach you something new.

Kelly Nigl (Program Administrator):

Madison born and raised, Kelly enjoys knitting, photography and painting. Her patient and creative skills help her be the mastermind behind keeping our meal kit subscriptions organized, including the production and pack. Favorite dish? Pasta bowl. Anything with RP's Pasta is a winner in my book.”

Edward (chef):

A jack of all trades, Edward fills many roles in the kitchen at P&P.  Nourished by family, fishing, and travel, Ed’s favorite place to visit is the Amazon in Brazil.  It’s very fitting that Ed describes his cooking style as International. “I enjoy immersing myself in a region's food and discovering more about the area through its food. I am able to use this knowledge and craft to create international food and wine dinners based on a region.”  When back home, our team appreciates the new recipes he is able to share with everyone.

Ellie (bookkeeper):

Keeps things running as smooth as possible here means enjoying lots of coffee aka “Life Juice.” Haha! Just kidding. When in her own kitchen Ellie enjoys making homemade pot stickers, different pasta dishes, ChapJae her favorite Korean dish, and chicken wings.