Catering + Private Events

Catering + Private Events

We offer made-to-order local and seasonal catering services for private events, pop-ups, cooking classes and other special events. Please reach out with inquiries to catering@madlocalfood.com

Business and Catered Lunch

Eating al desko? Eating and meeting? We have your delicious, locally-sourced lunch covered! (Makes a nice simple supper, too.) Select individual orders from the menu, boxed lunches or go for eco-friendly platters. (see below) Send your order to catering@madlocalfood.com.

Please provide 48 hours notice for orders, when possible. Tuesday - Saturday, only. Pick-up or Delivery available. $25 delivery fee waived for orders of 12+ if within a 6 mile radius.

Looking for a special catered luncheon? Hot main dish? We develop bespoke lunch menus for special occasions starting at $20/person.

Orders cancelled within 48 hours of pick-up or delivery time will be charged in full.


  • Breakfast Pastry Platter

    $4 / person
    Assortment of morning pastries.
  • Grain and Roasted Vegetable Salad Platter

    rotating selection of grains, local, roasted vegetables, and herbs. Always something different, always delicious. Served room temperature. +chicken or herbed white beans for $5/person
  • Kale Caesar Salad Platter

    Eating your greens has never been so delicious. Enjoy hearty local kale, dressed in house-made creamy caesar and topped with croutons made from our herbed foccaccia. +chicken or herbed white beans for $5/person
  • Green Market Salad Platter

    Enjoy the freshest of the season for lunch. Salads rotate with the changing availability from local farms, and include a variety of vegetables, nuts/seeds, cheese, dried or fresh fruit and house made vinaigrette. Can be made to accommodate vegan diners, and allergy restrictions with nut and dairy options on the side. Please include this in your request, should it be needed. +chicken or herbed white beans for $5/person
  • Half or Whole Sandwich Platter

    half sandwiches$9.00/person|
    full sandwiches (cut in half)$12/person|
    An abundant variety of 1/2 sandwiches made with local meats, cheeses, vegetables and house-made spreads. Just let us know how many, and if there are any dietary restrictions to consider. We take care of the rest.
  • Wisconsin Artisan Cheese and Charcuterie Display

    3 Wisconsin artisan cheeses, fruit compote, flat breads, nuts; 3 Wisconsin cured meats, pickled vegetables, whole grain mustard.
  • Wisconsin Artisan Cheese Platter

    3 Wisconsin artisan cheeses. fruit compote. flat breads. nuts.

Extra Goodness

  • Coffee or Tea

    $22 / 96 oz (serves 8 to 10)
    Kickapoo Coffee or Rishi Tea Service. Regular or Decaf Coffee. Black or Herbal Tea. Delivered with half-and-half, sweeteners, cups, napkins and stir sticks.
  • Cold Drinks

    $2 / person
    Spindrift sparkling water with real fruit. WiscoPop! Sparkling Waters. Sodas. Sparkling or Still Water. Please let us know if you would like a certain type of beverage or a selection.
  • Wisconsin Apple

    $1.25 / person
    local, organic fruit. juicy and fresh
  • Assorted Cookies, Bars & Brownie Platter

    $2.50 / person
    selection of the best from our bakery. Peanut blossom cookies (vegan, GF), Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Brownies, Rustic Seasonal Fruit Bars, and more.

Boxed Lunch

  • Soup Boxed Lunch

    a bowl of our seasonal soup served with foccacia + chef's selection of sweet treat
  • Sandwich and Salad Boxed Lunch

    Your choice of Sandwich (see options above) and House Salad + cookie, bar, brownie OR whole fresh fruit.
  • Soup and Sandwich Boxed Lunch

    your choice of Sandwich (select from options above) and Bowl of Seasonal Soup + cookie, bar, brownie OR whole fresh fruit.
  • Soup and Salad Boxed Lunch

    bowl of our Seasonal Soup served with House Salad + cookie, bar, brownie OR whole fresh fruit.
  • Sandwich or Salad Boxed Lunch

    Your choice of Sandwich (see options above) or Daily Market Salad + cookie, bar, brownie OR whole fresh fruit.


  • Kale Chicken Caesar Wrap

    with lacinato kale and sarvecchio on spinach wrap
  • turkey and swiss croissant sandwich

    with cranberry mostarda and arugula on a housemade croissant
  • Ham and Gruyere Sandwich

    with Roth Grand Cru, whole grain mustard, and garlic aioli on MSCO hoagie.
  • Seasonal Grain Bowl

    with a rotating selection of grains, seasonal veggies, and an egg.
  • Daily Farmer’s Market Salad

    Small $8.00|
    with seasonal vegetables and the best greens of the season